Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sopa de pata de vaca. WHY IS THIS SO SWEET?‏


BASICALLY Hermana Evans and I are just the happiest missionaries ever. And we are great friends. And we get to turn a year together. And she was with me since day 1 in the adventure to get to Chile until we walked into the CCM (I say day one because that was an adventure of THREE DAYS.... but I digress.) 

Let´s start with some miracles. First off, GABRIELA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! AHHH! Seriously, it was so amazing. God did it ALL. We just had daily contact with her and kept up her animo and God just came in and she resisted. It was amazing. Sunday, though, we had a horror story, but it has happened with seriously every baptism I´ve had haha. We´re at lunch, eating lasagna, and all of the sudden, Thiare, Gabriela's daughter, calls us FRANTIC and says "Hermanas! call my mom RIGHT NOW something happened!"  So we´re freaking out because it was about 2:30 and her baptism was at 5. I call her and she says "hermana, no me voy a bautizar" which is "I am not going to get baptized." My heart DROPPED. Seriously, I was gonna cry. turns out, the branch president and his family weren´t going to be at her baptism, and they have been a big support and friendship for her in this process, and she was way hurt and upset that they weren´t going to come to her BAPTISM and so she cancelled it. That started a huge stress out for us, so we made a million calls and they were going to get back at 8, so we changed it to 8 at night. But then the mission leader was like this is dumb I´m going to go talk to her and then we were stressed because we didn´t want them to argue, but God stepped in again and calmed everyone down and she was baptised at 5 pm by her 16 year old recent convert son. It was beautiful. Her daughter gave a talk on baptism, and it was the SWEETEST thing. She started crying about this is all she has wanted since she got baptized and then she can´t wait for her dad to get baptized someday so that they can be an eternal family. I love eternal families. I just want everyone to be a part of this, honestly! The gospel brings so much joy and miracles into people´s lives. That´s why even  running up and down hills and stairs all day in the hot sun and being bit by a million fleas and mosquitos, we missionaries are still some of the happiest people in the world. I love it. 

Another miracle, after the baptism, we went to teach this guy A, that when we contacted him he was kinda weird, but he was interested so we went to teach him in this random court (he didn´t want to give us his address...) and he was there waiting for us! Miracle! It turns out he has a lot of friends that are members and he has suffered a lot. He is looking for the truth and for why there´s so many churches. He had an accident and so he gets discriminated a lot because he can´t walk well, but he finds peace in the teachings of Christ. We had a good lesson with him and he accepted a baptismal date for the 15th of February!!! Pray for him, he is going to come to church on Sunday and if he comes, we know he will be baptized. 

Besides that, we have just seen miracles going on left and right. Gabriela introduced us to her family friends that aren´t members, and they are AWESOME. They want to repent and start over, so we´re going to help them :) And Gabriela also brought her brother to church, who recently stopped smoking and drinking for health reasons, and he liked it and we taught him and is coming to church next week too and wants to learn more. we are honestly so blessed to be here and I can´t wait to see what happens this coming month :)

Funny stories:  We ate cow foot soup and it tasted like it sounds. We thought he had said pato, which means duck, but he said PATA, which is foot. So, we ate cow foot soup with an old man on his front porch and tried not to vomit hahaha. Also, we work with these AWESOME recent converts every Sunday night, there's three and we just get them all together to be more time efficient, and they surprised us with once, which is like herbal tea and bread basically. She made us eggs, and there were two salt shakers, and Hermana Evans ended up dumping powdered sugar on her eggs instead of salt! hahaha We just have a lot of fun here. 

Anyways, hope you guys have a good week!! I can´t believe i´m going to turn a year this week in the mission....Hermana Evans and Ifeel like we left yesterday! But I am so glad for the things I have lived here. I have changed so much and am simply happy, because that´s what living the gospel does to you! Love you all so much!!

hermana hansen

photos - baptism, PAN <3, and the hills which i swear are steeper than this picture makes it look!!
Hayley with Gabriela on her baptism day
Gabriela and her son Johan

Gabriela with her kids - Johan and Thiare

With Hayley and Hermana Evans

The family with the missionaries

pretty flower

SUPER steep hills in her new area

Hayley's new area

TV on the roof.  It says: "sin ti mujer, no hay vida" - "without you, woman, there is no life"

View from Hayley's area

Nora - the fiesty new convert

Antonio and Javier (the young men's president and a recent convert)

Being silly at Once.

Once (a late afternoon light meal/teatime in Chile)
Bread at once

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