Monday, June 23, 2014


J's little brother who will be baptized this week


Okay I have to start out with that "We are Young" is playing in this cyber cafe and I don't know how I feel about it. Anyways, Chile is CRAZY these days. The whole world cup thing has got everyone freaking out like none other. But oh my gosh it is SO FUN. This is the biggest temptation so far on my mission to not go cheer and ver el partido (watch the game) with everyone. I settled for buying a big Chilean flag and some little ones and hanging them up in our pension and cheering at night after planning haha. And for the game against Holland (which is gonna start in ten minutes AHHH) I'm in red white and blue. VIVA CHILE. 

So this week was amazing. I don't have time to write everything but I'm gonna try!! Starting out with last week. It was really good!! We taught a TON of lessons, like 30, because I pumped up Hermana Lopez (also fasted and prayed that she would be excited to go out and work) and she's finally starting to be more obedient and actually go out and work in the day!! PATIENCE, PRAYER, FASTING, AND FAITH ARE POWERFUL. I can testify of that. Yikes the game is about to start haha everyone is freaking out here AHH. But fun. 
Okay back on track. SO my district had been having a hard time finding new investigators, so my district leader had us all fast on Wednesday, and because of that fast we have found 8 new investigators this week and set baptismal dates with 3 of them!! And its a family!! AHHH :) Seriously so many miracles in the mission. Things are hard so that you can enjoy the blessings of the miracles after. Also a recent convert that we've been working really hard with FINALLY said he's going to go on a mission!! THE BEST. In not so spiritual news, today someone didn't believe that I only have 5 months here in Chile because supposedly I'm speaking like I've been here for years. YES. Studying during p-days is paying off hahaha.

The game has started and there are like 5 tvs in here showing the game hahaha I LOVE CHILE.

Okay now i'm gonna tell one miracle and a funny moment. MIRACLE. So J (who got baptized a couple weeks ago) her brother is getting baptized this Saturday. But that's not all. Her mom and her grandma have been coming to church and listening to us for like 6 months now and are super amazing. But they are scared of the dad, who works for seven days in Antofagasta and then comes home for seven days. Siete por siete, its really normal here. Anyways he's super catholic so they were scared. BUT it turns out that his best friend just recently died, and he was LDS!! So the dad went to an LDS funeral service!! and he LOVED it!! He felt the spirit super strongly and everything. AND get this, it turns out he is really good friends with our branch president! So the branch president came with us with our appointment with them yesterday, and holy cow, the spirit was SO strong. The mom bore her testimony to the dad and everyone was crying and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he's going to start coming to church and investigating!! AHHH. I know that the whole family is going to come in to the gospel, and he is going to be a branch president or something because hes an amazing guy. And his name is Walter of all the names in the world!! haha so funny. But honestly, it's true. The Lord prepared people for us to teach. Everything happens at a certain point for a reason. I am so blessed to be a part of this work! I have so much faith in this family, and it all started with J´s baptism, which was also such a miracle full of faith and prayer. Missionary work is a miracle. 

Okay a little less serious. FUNNY STORY. So we set an appointment on Wednesday with this old woman that has no teeth and is half deaf and blind during the Chile vs Spain game because everyone was going to be watching the game and we thought that she wouldn't. OH NO. We get there and she is screaming insults at the tv and yelling about Chile and how she's CHILENA CHILENA. Seriously one of the funniest sights of my life. I love Chile so much hahaha.

Anyways, a lot more happened, but I don't have the time to write it all!! Basically, I love chile more than anything. The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This gospel is the most true thing in the entire world, and the Book of Mormon has the power to change lives. I am so blessed to be a part of all of this, and I couldn't be happier!! I love you all and I hope everything is good at home!!

Hermana Hansen
A couple more cute photos with Hayley, her comp and their friend


Monday, June 16, 2014



How are you guys??? And HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO DAD even though I know that he's off motorcycling somewhere haha crazy. This week was good!! I have a lot to say I think so hang in there for a little haha. 

First off, it rained again, and there was another earthquake hahaha so THAT was fun!! This rain was CRAZY, it was literally pouring but it was so awesome. We are all covered in mud now, but Ovalle NEEDS it!! And it was nice to sleep to the sound of rain again, it reminded me of home in Washington :) Now its getting hot during the day again because Ovalle is crazy, I am going to be so sad when I have to leave this zone haha.

Big fun news, WE WENT TO VIÑA!!! :) Oh my goodness it was crazy but honestly so so fun. So we got up at 2:30 am and this family drove us to the Ovalle sur building downtown.  Then we all sat as a zone half asleep talking until the bus came!! I got on and saw Hermana Morris and Hermana Smith, two of my roommates from the MTC!! I totally freaked out haha. then basically everyone slept but of course I cant sleep in cars haha but it was fine, I was too excited!! THEN we stopped in Los Vilos to pick up that zone, and I was already expecting to see Hermana Bluth, one of my companions from the MTC, but then HERMANA FRANDSEN also got on!!! Oh my gosh I almost cried. I was so excited to see them!! So not fair that they're in the same zone, but it was so good to see them. But at this point it was like 4:30 am so everyone slept and I sat and freaked out inside and read the Book of Mormon a little bit haha. Then we finally got there around 8:30 and I saw EVERYONE!! Elder Draney - elder pederson - elder rupert - hermana watt - hermana evans - elder dalton - elder martinez - elder duran etc, etc ALL of my friends from the MTC!! :) And then best of all, HERMANA PUERTAS!!! Ahhhh...I literally cried a little bit when I saw her. She is seriously so great. I miss her so much! 

Then was the conference with Elder Robbins! It was the best. Honestly so amazing. He's in the presidency of the first quorum of the seventy!! We got to shake his hand and everything and say "hi" to President and Hermana Kahnlein (seriously the best mission president in the world) and then it began! He let us ask questions and he answered them, It was so awesome!! The best part was that he spoke Spanglish the whole time haha it was awesome. But really, the spirit was so strong, you could almost touch it! We talked a lot about the spirit, about looking and listening before speaking, using our agendas like liahonas and the importance of faith, having a positive attitude as we obey (because he said he could feel we are a really obedient mission but that even laman and lemuel were obedient, the key is our attitude haha) And a LOT more!! Ah it totally pumped me up (spiritually that is). Afterwards we took a picture as a mission and got right back on the bus and headed back and got to Ovalle around 7:30 and we went out and taught until 9:30 as usual hahaha it was really fun, but OH MY GOSH was I exhausted this whole week!! I'm going to catch up on some sleep after we get back home before p-day is over haha. 

The rest of this week was pretty normal!! We had exchanges and that was really fun. I spoke a lot of English with Hermana Plothow (after almost 3 months speaking hardly any) who goes home after this cambio and I am so sad about it!! We put another baptismal date with our investigator C and her kids, she is AMAZING and I'm so excited for her. :) Hermana Lopez has a sinus infection so we had to stay inside a couple of days, but it was good because Chile was playing in the world cup one of the days and everyone else says no one paid any attention!! It was funny, I could count the goals because literally everyone was inside watching it and you could hear the cheers and boos from anywhere!! And to end it all, yesterday I spoke in church and prepared the lesson for gospel principles. Oh AND I'm the ward pianist, I don't know if i had told you guys that before haha it was a little crazy but I love this branch so I'm okay with it. 

WOW that was a lot, but it was a crazy week!! I really hope you all are well, I love everyone so so much and have THE BEST week!!!

love, hermana hansen


Hayley with Hermana Watt - her first mission friend

Hayley with Hermana Avery and Hermana Puertas

Hayley in VIÑA!

On the bus heading to the conference

Hayley & Hermana Lopez (her comp)

Hayley with her MTC roommates on the bus

Hayley with Hermana Puertas and her trainer

Hermana Puertas

Hayley with Hermana Bluth (MTC comp)

Hayley and her MTC companions: Hermana Frandsen & Hermana Bluth

Making bread with M

Yummy bread!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Hayley with her little buddy A


Yup cambios came and went and I´m still here with Hermana López, WOOHOO. Seriously so glad that I´m still in Ovalle, I was way scared for a little because everyone thought I was going to head South! But nope, only 3 people left the zone AGAIN. So that means that probably half the zone is leaving after this cambio, and there´s a high possibility that I am also out of here after this, so I´m going to make the most of this cambio!!

My district leader, Elder Wilkes, stayed for his now SIXTH cambio here! haha - we all laughed so hard, that´s like 9 months basically in the same sector. But I love my district so am way happy that nothing changed. ANYWAYS - we´re headed to Viña del Mar tomorrow, but we have to be at the chapel tonight at 3 IN THE MORNING to take the bus for six hours to get there by 9 for the conference at 10. And then we get on a bus again at 1pm and then head back and get here around 7pm again and have to go out and work again. YEAH MISSIONARY WORK! But I´m way excited to see the whole mission and hear the seventy speak, so I´m okay with it.

Anyways, this week has been okay. We didn´t have a lot of success this week because Hna Lopez really wanted to participate in this activity that our branch was putting on for the district. So we lost a lot of time with that, but it was good because the members love us even more now! And also IT RAINED HERE!!! Tuesday and Friday!!! Which is a miracle!!! Ovalle has been in a drought for a long time (it´s all anyone talks about hahaha) so everyone was pretty happy.  It only rained a little, but this is a good sign that it´s going to rain more this winter! woohoo! 

Funny story of the week, I locked us out one day, YIKES! The branch president´s wife came over to ask us a favor and I  thought I had the keys so I shut the door and realized I DIDN´T HAVE THEM. Hermana Lopez climbed over the house and got in through the back door that I had thankfully left unlocked hahaha - it was bad. GO HERMANA HANSEN. But it all worked out so i´m happy!

I just want to end with saying that I know with all my heart that the Lord answers prayers, and that this gospel is possible. It´s in our favor. We can really do whatever thing the Lord asks us, and I know this for sure, from experience! I love you all so so much and I hope you have a great week!! :)

Love, Hermana Hansen

Hayley with N, one of her investigators

Hayley and her comp dressed up as Ursula's eels for a church play

Hayley & comp as eels

The little mermaid
Noche de Hogar (family night) birthday party for M's granddaughter

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


J's baptism with her little brother I


So Thursday I turned (honestly don't remember how to say it in English so sorry that doesn't make sense) 4 MONTHS IN THE MISSION! Yeahhhh! It went by way to fast hahaha. And with those four months, four baptisms! No complaints there hahaha. This week was also miraculous, so here we go real quick. 

First of all, J GOT BAPTISED AHHHHHHH. BEST PART OF THE WHOLE WEEK!! :) It was amazing and glorious. I felt last Saturday that she was going to get baptized this week, but everyone thought I was crazy because her mom hasn't given her permission since January. but I KNEW she was going to get baptized. so I got Hermana Lopez to work extra hard with me and we prepared a lot and prayed even more. And then on Wednesday her mom said YES and that also she wants I,  J´s little brother, to get baptized in June after he turns eight!! AHH. It was so amazing. I cried. And now the mom and the grandma are going to keep working towards baptism as well!! Seriously it was the best thing to ever happen, the spirit is amazing. it was really J´s time. And it just so happens that the branch president and two other brothers in the branch know her dad! So the branch president is going to come with us to talk to the dad at last on Saturday. The Lord really prepares people to receive the truth. It´s amazing. 

Okay that´s out of the way haha. Cambios (transfers) are coming our way on Wednesday, so we´ll see if I´m still in Ovalle or if Hermana Lopez leaves or if everything stays the same! It´s so stressful that we have no idea until the night before haha but hey we survive. AND the zone activity last week was way fun, we had lunch and played soccer, seriously the best haha. ALSO next week we are meeting as a mission in Viña!!! For the first time in a year and a half or more! A member of the seventy is coming and we all get to gather together to listen. not only do i get to hear him, but also i get to see EVERYONE. I am so excited. 

This week was good! It's still hard with my companion, but I read a quote that said ´don't pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks, because then the task won´t be the miracle, but YOU will be the miracle.´ Helped me a lot to change my thinking!! But things do improve every day. The last district meeting was sad, I made chocolate chip cookies but half of them burned in the weird church oven and Elder Wilkes made ice cream, so it ended up a good time haha. AND mom I gave the Takis you sent to the YW in the branch and they freaked out and say THANK YOU :) I´m now their favorite missionary in the ward - YES. 

Anyways, I love you all so so much and I hope that you all had a great week!! :) 

until next Monday

Hermana Hansen

Super awesome video

J's baptism

Elder Wilkes

Hayley's District

Another one of the district

And one more of the district. :)

The cute young women in the ward with their "Taki" that I sent

Hayley and her comp at the Zone activity

The Hermanas in Hayley's zone