Monday, March 30, 2015

solo el que trabaja se siente FELIZ‏

Hayley found a Chuck Norris CD in a woman's home they were visiting!


So good news, Hermana Evans and I are together here in Viña for change 3!!! My first companion to be with for 3 changes!! But she´s great and we work way hard and have fun together, so we´re way happy. We feel like we´ve only been together for like a change, so lets go! 
Hermana Huaccha is now in another sector, but she´s still in one of the zones that we do intercambios with, so I will actually still work with her! She changed a lot in the time we were with her. I love being able to help people change!! It´s the best part of the mission, honestly. It doesn´t matter who it is, but seeing positive changes in the lives of others because of the gospel of Jesus Christ just makes me so happy. One of my favorite hymns is ´have i done any good in the world today?´and we sang it the other day at church! I don´t remember the words in English quite honestly haha but one part in Spanish says ´solo el que trabaja se siente feliz´, meaning only he who works is happy. Which I know is true!! Working for the lord and making sure you are doing good in the world every day is the key to everlasting happiness. I am so grateful for this chance to learn and grow and more than anything, to be HAPPY! 

Headache update: getting way better. I´m not gonna get a scan for now because Hermana Kahnlein says it´s going to be really expensive for me and complicated and also the medicine is helping, so we´re going to hold off unless something changes! 

BUT besides all of that, everything is going well in Viña!! T, our gold investigator, is very very sick. She is skinnier every day and can´t get out of bed a lot of the time. We are praying for her a LOT, she is only 53 and an amazing person! Our ward mission leader´s mother in law died this week and I directed the music at the funeral, it was really interesting. Very sad, on the one hand, but also incredible to see the difference between how the members of the church were acting and the others. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have of eternal families, and that we really never lose anyone! The gospel is full of hope and happiness, which we should especially remember this time of the year :) 
Crazy stuff, there was also an INSANE thunder and lightning storm. It woke us up at 4am!! We had a crazy view of tons of lightning falling in the sea, and every boom was like a small earthquake!! It was so cool.  But everyone here is STILL freaking out about it, because it never happens here. We just thought it was fun!

We are teaching our convert Gabriela's brother. He is awesome and wants to get baptized but is afraid that he won´t be able to quit drinking. So we are helping him with that! But he will get baptized soon. Also our friend D showed up to church and he has a baptismal date for the 11th of April!! Let´s just hope we will be able to find him again haha he´s always walking around the cerro. M and B are doing well, but they didn´t come to church :( Hopefully they will soon, because it breaks my heart to see little kids addicted to drugs, especially because they have never EVER been taught about god! 

Besides that, we had a ward activity, we were in charge and did "minute to win it"! It went really well. The whole branch is celebrating that Hermana Evans and I stayed together, I guess we have really made a connection here! :) I am just so glad to be a missionary, and so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed! Don´t forget it EVER. I hope you all have a great week, and that you enjoy General Conference! I, personally, cannot wait :)

Love you!!
Hermana Hansen

Hayley & Thiare

FHE with some recent converts and investigators


Monday, March 23, 2015

Esperando, esperando, y esperando....‏

Cute comps at zone conference (photo taken from the mission blog)


This week went well!! It was a little crazy, we didn´t have a ton of time to do things, and a bunch of fechas fell through, but you know what? I´m happy! It´s been going well still! We have ton a ton of awesome contacts and working WAY hard. Quite honestly, it´s the work that is the best. If I can give my all every day, yeah there are still bummers, but at the end of the day, I´m happy, because I know that I´m in the Lord´s work and that I´m doing everything I can! But don´t think this week was bad, it´s just something I´ve realized over time. 

BUT one thing that we have had to do a TON this week is WAIT!! On Monday night the assistants called saying that we had to take Hermana Huaccha to her zone conference in Achupallas, another zone that none of us had never been to before. And we had to be there at 8. So, we got up at 5:30 and left at 6:30ish and got SO lost!!! Everyone was telling us different things and the elders didn´t know what they were talking about so we got there right at 8 when we were supposed to get there hahaha and then it took us about an hour and a half to get back. When we went to pick her up, we waited in the WRONG SPOT for about a half hour and then finally figured it out and got there, but then on the way home, it took 2 hours for a bus to pass by that went to Chorrillos, because all of the colectivos were full. YIKES! BUT, we ended up having a lot of fun, just crazy stressful the loss of time. But, we bonded, and I got to see Achupallas and a bunch of other missionaries that I haven´t seen in a while :)

ALSO, this morning I had my doctors appointment for my head. It turns out my muscles just are always tense and never ever relax, so it gives me big headaches and makes me really tired during the day, so I´m going to take muscle relaxants at night!  He said that it´s principios of something (hypertense muscles?? I don´t know!) that I didn´t understand in Spanish, but that he´s going to control. So no worries! And we got there at 11 for my appointment and the doctor had just randomly left for lunch so we waited for 2 HOURS of precious pday time for the appointment... Lame! But once again, we ended up laughing, I just feel bad for my companions! 

Besides that, everything is going well. I really love the mission and this work!!! It is amazing to see the affects of the atonement in my life and in the lives of others. We are helping two teenagers of 13 and 15, M and B, to learn about the gospel, and they have been addicted to drugs for years. They´re so little! It breaks my heart. But the cool thing is, they´re a referral from a less active, and she said she knows that what will help them is get closer to God and having the church in their life. It´s incredible, even though she´s strayed from the path, you can´t deny the empowerment of the atonement, and it´s ability to help and cleanse you. I am so blessed to be able to bring this message of hope to people here in Chile!! :) I hope you all remember it as well. I love you all so much, i hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Hansen
Happy Trio

Elders being silly

Hayley's district

A boy dancing with a Michael Jackson video

Their friend Thiare wearing the girls' nametags

Thiare doing hair

Hermana Huaccha

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I found LOTS of photos of Zone Conference on the mission blog. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tres Leches ( TRIO ROUND 2 )‏

Hey family!!!

The rumors are true, there was a huge fire in Valpo, there was ash and everything falling here and SO much smoke and it was so hot, but I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! So if you can investigate and let me know, that would be awesome :) But, I am totally fine! I think only forests burned, but I am still so scared for Valparaíso which I love so much!!! :(

Smoke from the fires in Valparaíso
Besides that, this week has been crazy. Investigators are going good, D came to church and so did O, and S has a baptismal date!! So does D, and O is going to have one tonight when we see her :) We lost track of T, we called her and passed by and everything and can´t find her :( She didn´t come to church, but we´re hoping we can find her so she can get baptized Sunday instead of Saturday, because she accepted the word of wisdom and everything!! She is so prepared. Let´s hope it goes well!

We had zone conference, which was AMAZING. Honestly, I have the best zone in the whole world. I love them so so much. And best surprise in the WORLD, we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!! AHHH!! President is just like we´re going to do something different and we go up on the stage and they have this HUGE screen and projector and all these chairs set up with soda and popcorn on them :) It was like going to the movies!! And the movie was great, so we were the happiest missionaries in the world. I got a HORRID headache again, but I took medicine and it went away just in time for Hermana Evans and I to do our zone trainings. It went really well, Hermana Kahnlein even came up after and congratulated us on how well we train :) I really love doing it, because it´s so cool to see how the spirit uses us to train the zone in what they need! And it was cool to see that the Assistants trained on the same thing (we all got to choose what to train on) but in a different way, so it was nice to see how the spirit works through all of us.
President and Hermana Kahnlein are the best in the world. I just have to say it. I love them so so SO much. They have changed my life. I am so happy because of the examples they give me and what they have taught me. I am so grateful for what I have learned about obedience and really consecrating yourself to the Lord, and doing HIS will. 
I´m going to tell you a little more about them: They, to come on the mission, sold EVERYTHING. Even their house! They came here not knowing what would happen afterwards, but trusting that God would help them to know what to do. They have given everything. They help missionaries that don´t have enough money to pay for medical things that they can´t afford that the insurance doesn´t cover. With clothing that they can´t buy. Guided by the spirit through every path. I think that is what I am the most grateful for, I know that President is 100% guided by the spirit, and that he will do nothing against God´s will. Ever. I hope that I can be like them one day, and that I can be as good of an example of Christ as they are, so that maybe I can help someone in the way that they have saved me. 

Anyways, sorry, I just had to put that out there. BUT, there´s crazy news this week. EMERGENCY CHANGES! We are now in a trio here in Chorrillos. We´re with Hermana Huaccha. There was an emergency change because of obedience problems and so she was put with us so that we could help her out. It´s been crazy, but a lot of fun at the same time! I just hope we can help her out.  FUN to be reliving trio days and reminiscing about the MTC!

I am so grateful for this work, and for Jesus Christ. I know he lives, and that this is his true church here on the earth, and that this gospel brings us more happiness than we can even imagine!! I hope you guys have a great week, and know how much i love you all!!

hermana hansen
The girls with their new companion

A cat in the internet cafe

March Zone Conference
Smoke from the fires in Valparaíso

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Diga no a Coca Cola.‏



This week was good, I enjoyed it quite a bit, as always!! We got cute piggy banks from the first counselor in the branch presidency on Monday, so you know I was happy! Made me think of the Peggy days with Hermana Barros... TOO GOOD haha. Tuesday consejo, which is always amazing! BUT big bummer.... on Tuesday I had a horrible horrible headache! I don´t know what it was, neither did the nurse, but she made me take 3 Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen...I was out for 12 hours afterwards hahaha. But then I didn´t have a pain in my body!! :) I also had one Sunday but I just worked through it and went to bed after planning. But then I WOKE UP with the same headache.. but I took medicine so I´m fine now. But don´t worry about it too much, the nurse thinks that it´s part of this flu that is going around! So we´re fine :)

Besides that, we had a great week!! We keep finding new people to teach, not as many as at first, but still, all the time!! T really is our miracle. She said she knows that all we teach her is true, and we FINALLY got to teach her husband!! He says he´s not religious, that he´s a ´realist´, but he´s going to get baptized, I KNOW IT  :) Also T came to church and got a priesthood blessing! She loves the members and feels the spirit strongly :) Pray that she will be able to leave tea, coffee, and wine!!! If all goes well, she´s getting baptized on the 21st :) O is MIA, I don´t know how that happens to a 89 year old, but hopefully her life slows down in a little bit! Also we taught D, but he was drunk both times because his wife he´s divorced from came to visit... so we´re going to wait a little while on that one hahaa. 

Fun story, we can´t drink coke in the mission, and we were contacting this guy, and he says ´do you want something to drink?´ And we´ve been walking hills all day and it´s a million degrees so of course we say YES. But then as he goes inside to get us something, we remember that Chileans drink coke like it´s water. So we´re like SHOOT what are we going to do?! So then he comes back out with just one glass of coke, and my companion says coke makes me sick, can you fill my water bottle instead? and I said yeah that would be awesome! so then he took the water bottles inside to fill them and I just dumped out the glass of coke off the cliff. The things we do to obey... but we got water all the same. Good day good day!

Besides that, the work is going on great! it´s been really awesome to see everyone´s progress and my own progress!! I really do love mission work, it´s the best. I just know that I´m the happiest I´ll be in my whole life, because I am giving EVERYTHING to the Lord! :) But I also want to say, take advantage of being able to go to the temple!! This is the first year in my life since I turned 12 that I haven´t gone to the temple, and honestly, it´s a little sad and hard for me. And there´s people that it´s hard to EVER go to the temple! so, aprovechen, and GO TO THE TEMPLE :)

I love you guys so so much!! Hope you have a great week!! :)

Hermana Hansen
Birthday potato as a present for their zone leader

Silly companions

Flea bites - twenty seven of them!

Chilean cats lounging in the sun

Friday, March 6, 2015


Birthday wishes for Dillon and Mali


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DILLON AND MALI!!! :) I hope Mali had a great day yesterday and that Dillon has an awesome day today!! 16 and 18, HOLY COW! I can´t even believe it! When I left, Mali was still 14 and Dillon was still 16... yikes. Time goes by fast, no? I guess I´ve also been here for over a year now, so that makes sense haha. 

ANYWAYS, this week was once again just filled with miracles. I´m not going to go in to as much detail today BUT. We found ELECT people. Like for real. O, T, W... seriously, I can´t believe how many miracles I have seen here in Chorrillos. And Hermana Evans and I are just LOVING it :) But anyways,I'll focus on Sunday and our investigators with baptismal dates.

Sunday, two investigators came!! S, the daughter of a less active family, and T, a new investigator that we found this week! She´s amazing, she just got over cancer and wants to get closer to God.  We taught her Saturday and she came to church on Sunday and while we were looking at a picture of Christ she accepted a baptismal date for the 21st!!! AHHH :) It was so awesome. We also have a date with O, an old woman we found that is just AWESOME, she just moved here from Argentina and says that when we come she just feels happy and can´t put down the Book of Mormon!! We also found her this week. D´s date fell through because he forgot what day of the week it was and so he didn´t go to church (GOSH DANG IT) But he is going to go this next Sunday :) 

Besides that, we had a branch talent show! It was really funny, the elders quorum (all 5 of them) danced to "Greased Lightning" in too tight white shirts, black pants, and sunglasses. I was dying, to say the least. And, one of the many miracles of the week, when we finished we were going to be LATE!! Because usually it takes at LEAST 20 minutes to get all the way up the hill to our house. But, we just had to trust in the Lord and RAN up the stairs and hills, and we got up in 12. MINUTES. Oh my gosh it was insane. I know that in that moment, God strengthened us so that we could be obedient like we wanted to be. Crazy, no? He will ALWAYS provide a way for us!

Anyways, there are just a million miracles happening every day. I love it. I hope you guys always remember the infinite love that God has for his children, us, and that we will always have him to take care of us. Share the gospel in every moment, you never know who needs it!! I love you guys so much! Have a great week, and enjoy the birthday craziness!!

Hermana Hansen
One of their new investigators

Tan (burn) lines :)

Cute comps!

Luis, a recent convert
Elders Quorum "Greased Lightning" skit at the ward party

A Relief Society activity

Making mac & cheese
cute puppy

Memories from the Paris metro in her French study book
MC - an investigator

A full day of appointments