Friday, January 31, 2014

First letter: "Hell Froze over in Atlanta and I learned how to count to 100 in German"


The past three days have been the craziest, worst, and best days of my life. I only have about five minutes so I´m just going to give you a quick summary. Also the keyboards are in Spanish so this is kinda crazy haha. OKAY. So my flight from Seattle to Atlanta was awesome, I sat by a really nice pilot in the exit row from Belgium and I spoke French with him!! He was so nice. He has a son named Charlie and he´s from Nashville. He looked up all my flight info with his pilot internet on the plane and showed me where to go in the airport when I got there and showed me that my flight was delayed forty minutes (IF ONLY) I got there and while i was going up the escalator to the gate i ran into all the other missionaries!! It was so fun and happy. We then got on the plane about 40 minutes later and sat on the plane for about 3 hours before they told us to deplane and take our blankets and pillows because we were sleeping in the airport since the pilot timed out. We were supposed to leave at 9 the next morning. All of the missionaries are AWESOME. There were 15 of us and i love them all. We called ourselves the Atlanta Georgia Airport missionaries because we ended up placing two books of mormon haha. ANYWAYS then we explored for a few hours before laying down to try to sleep (i slept about 2 hours, everyone got very little) and then when 9 am rolled around we were delayed delayed and delayed until 1 and then our flight was canceled. so we stood in aCRAZY long line until we finally got rerouted thru Peru, but half of us would have a 17 hour layover there and the other would have 9 and our flight was leaving in 30 minutes!! But we should have known, that flight got delayed for forever too. SO we got to peru, we all slept on the plane but still all only a couple hours and then the other group left at nine, leaving me, elder albernoz, elder hansen, elder gardner, and sister evans there for 12 more hours!!! so we were like HECK NO, there are so many other flights to santiago there has to be room somewhere!! so we talked our way into getting on the 12:15 flight, six hours earlier than we expected! it was awesome. but then when we got to the airport, we realized that we should have just waited because all of our luggage was lost and we had no way to call the mtc and travel office to let them know! thank goodness everyone was so nice and let us use their phones, and then these two sweet member ladies talked in spanish for us and stayed with us the whole time until the taxi came! then i went to the mtc and took a shower and SLEPT. haha now its morning, we ate breakfast which was cereal with yogurt and hockey puck bread and manjar! delicious. i am in a trio with hermana frandsen and hermana bluth, and there are two other latinas in our room! i get to stay in the actual mtc, not the house thats about 5 miles out called alcantara. the ccm is BEAUTIFUL, chile is amazing, and i love it here. the temple is literally 10 feet from where i sleep and i´m just so happy. While the 50 hours were crazy and horrid, we bonded so close and there were angels every step of the way. we always happened to be with chilean members, even in atlanta. i am so glad that heavenly father heard our prayers and helped us make it to the ccm safely. anyways, i love you all, dont worry about me, i am totally fine and very happy here!! my pday should be on monday or tuesday, so email me sometime before then. 

hermana hansen

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let the adventure begin!

Well, we said goodbye to Hayley yesterday.  It was a rough day, especially for mom.  She was to fly to Atlanta, and then after an hour layover, fly down to Chile last night.  Well, we watched her flight status get delayed again and again until it was delayed 15 hours!  We had no idea what was happening, but finally received a phone call from Hayley around 10:30pm.  They had been delayed, then boarded the plane, taxied for 2 hours, and then came back. Fortunately, she was with 13 other missionaries. They were told they would fly out in the morning and had to sleep on the airport floor.
Today, they waited for updates, contacted the mission travel office and after several hours, are now on a flight to Peru.  They will arrive in Peru around midnight, stay there for 8 hours, and then finally fly to Chile.  We are praying for safe travels and eagerly await the email letting us know she has arrived in Chile safe and sound.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm leaving for Chile in 3.5 DAYS. Too crazy! I'm setting up this blog for my mom so that she can post my weekly updates for those who want to know what I'm up to! She'll post links to it on my Facebook page too (I hope!)

ALSO. If you want to contact me, here's a list of my addresses!

Email address:

Address in the Santiago MTC:
Hermana Hayley Elisabeth Hansen
Pedro de Valdivia 1423
Region Metropolitana (Santiago) Chile

HOWEVER - that's only for the first 6 weeks, and your letters might not get to me that fast, so my address in Viña del Mar will be:
Hermana Hayley Elisabeth Hansen
Chile Viña del Mar Mission
4 Norte 1112

Casilla 631
Viña del Mar


If you want a fast and cheap way to contact me, go to then click on the "Write a Letter" tab at the top. Then choose either the Chile MTC (the first 6 weeks I'm there) or the Chile Viña del Mar mission (the rest of my mission) and you can type out a letter and they will print it and deliver it to me! :)

For packages (if you want to send me one :) ) ask my mom for the info!

Love you all, and I can't wait to serve the Lord and the people of Viña del Mar! If you want to know more about what I'm up to and why I'm doing this, check out SEE YOU IN 18 MONTHS :)