Monday, April 28, 2014


Hayley wearing her chicken pox with a smile

Hey family!!

So this is going to be a pretty short email, because this week, I had VARICELA. For those of you that don´t speak Spanish, chickenpox. YEAH THE WORST. So basically I stayed inside literally the entire week hahaha - so lets just say preach my gospel and I are pretty good friends. 

HERE´S MY NEWS. Hermana Puertas left me :((((((((( Seriously so sad. I cried when we got the call. Hermana Lopez is here with me now, from the Dominican Republic! She´s pretty good, very positive and works hard which I like, but she treats me like I'm 5 - so that's rough sometimes haha. But hey, it´s still a good time!!! 
"A" got confirmed on Sunday (I escaped the house bahahahaa :)) and that was amazing, and our branch president had a huge long meeting with us because he recalled our mission leader (our mission leader literally quit last week hahaha - too great. but now he's back!) and it was really good, we have a solid branch mission plan now and are planning on becoming a ward before the year is out!! YEAH! :) 

Basically, that´s all that happened besides me being covered in itchy red spots and reading Preach My Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and watching literally all of the LDS videos that we have in the house. Oh and I cleaned the entire house!! Haha  - but honestly, I learned a lesson about patience, and TODAY I GET TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AND PROSELYTE AGAIN WOOHOOOOOOO. Look out Ovalle, now I have Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon memorized,  you're about to get CONVERTED! Haha! 
I hope you guys had a good week, love you all!! :)

Hermana Hansen
* I asked Hayley about the chicken pox and this is what she said: "yeah it was bad. i hardly slept because it itched so bad (i had a bunch in my head, neck, upper body, and all the way to my knees!) and i had a fever a couple of the days, but don't worry, the sisters in the ward were AMAZING. all 7 that attend regularly visited me and brought me things and told me things to do to help (which i didn't eat or do a lot of them because they were a little sketchy haha) but it was good!"
She had the chicken pox vaccine as a child as well as the booster, but maybe the "Chilean" chicken pox are stronger. :) *
Saying "goodbye" to Hermana Puertas

With C, M, and A

Making completos for Noche De Hogar with M.

Monday, April 21, 2014

PERRO VEINTE!!!‏ (dog number 20)

Hayley with A's little cousin


This week went by way too fast, summer restarted in ovalle, and CAMBIOS are this wednesday!! Im gonna die, i hope hermana puertas stays with me and that i stay in ovalle!! Here's a little about my week! 

FIRST OF ALL, A GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D Oh my gosh best day of my life. yesterday after church, he and an investigator of the elders in my branch got baptized and basically the whole branch showed and the primary sang A's favorite primary song and it was amazing. A is 10 and the most special kid i have ever met in my life. He is so intelligent and spiritually in tune, its amazing. And so is his older sister, M!! The only problem is that she is living with her boyfriend. :( But she's seeming way more interested in getting married to be able to be baptized now after A's baptism, so I'm hoping it goes well!!!! 

So as i said before this week is cambios, and elder fuimaono went home to hawaii yesterday :( it was so sad to say bye to him!! and we said bye to our district with some food and it was so sad, i am going to miss this district tons! what else.... oh yeah! zone conference was good, i got mail for the first time so THANK YOU EVERYONE!! no i don't hate you i just barely got everything haha. and shout out to the ottesons for the seahawks shirt!! 
Hayley in her Superbowl t-shirt

basically this week besides the baptism was pretty average, my spanish is improving every day!! here's some interesting news of the week. everyone is telling us that because of the drought here in ovalle, the water is going to run out in june or july if it doesn't rain! so that's a little disconcerting. also our water in my neighborhood randomly shut off the other day for 20 minutes and came back and it was BROWN for a good ten minutes. so yeah you could say i'm not planning on drinking tap water again for a good while hahaha. 

STORY OF THE WEEK. there are literally millions of dogs just roaming around, so hna puertas and i decided to count how many we saw in 40 minutes (in the streets, not in homes) and we got to 52!!! and for 10 of those minutes we were standing in just one place waiting for elder wilkes and elder perdomo to bring us the baptismal clothing! and then perro veinte followed us the rest of the day haha. its a good time here in ovalle.
Perro Veinte

Anyways, i hope you all are doing well, i love you all and the church is true, honestly i have never been so sure of anything in my life!!!


hna h
Conference lunch with some church friends

One of Hayley's investigators with her grandmother

Hayley, Her comp and her investigator's grandmother

The district dinner spread
Despedida District Dinner at the church

Dinner with her district

Goodbye dinner with her district
View of Ovalle from Hayley's apartment

Hayley with the other sister missionaries in her zone

Hayley and her wonderful district

Hayley and the sisters in her Zone at Zone Conference (2 weeks ago)

Zone Conference

Zone conference

Zone Conference

Monday, April 14, 2014

se va... se va... PERO NO. LLEGÓ EL MAESTRO.‏

This week was AWESOME, we did so much, totally night and day compared to last week haha it was awesome!!! SO many miracles it was insane, i can´t even explain it. and we have two investigators with baptismal dates, YEAH. 

okay lets see where to start... we had our last district meeting as this district, and one elder (elder fuimaono) is going home after this transfer and two others are probably gonna change (elder wilkes my dl and hna puertas my companion :((() we had a testimony meeting and MANY tears were shed. but it was really good at the same time. i have had the best luck with districts, no lie, love everyone in my district and am a little nervous for cambios next wednesday not gonna lie haha. we had intercambios again, and again it was full of miracles! BUT i lost my voice, it was the WORST. for two whole days! and as a missionary, the work is a little rough without a voice haha but it was fine. i still have a little cold but it´s not bad. 

anyways i want to put this in here. i have such a strong testimony of joseph smith. i don´t know what it is but every time i or my companion teach the first vision the spirit is INCREDIBLE. more than i can handle. it´s amazing, the church is so true and the gospel is amazing. 

on a different note, there´s a video that my companion and i have seen probably around a thousand times now in the past two weeks called el toque del mano del maestro or the touch of the master´s hand about this old violin and how it relates to the worth of souls. and HOLY COW we have it memorized, no joke, it is so so so hard not to laugh while watching it because we always say se va.... se va.... PERO NO. yikes i just realized that this is probably not interesting for anyone but me, i apologize for taking up your time with that haha ANYWAYS. the mission is amazing, it´s honestly better every day and my spanish is actually improving!! WOO. hablo español! :) hope you guys have a great week!!!

hna hansen
Hayley and her district

Hayley and her district

Cooking dinner - noodles and hamburgers

Hayley's cute little house

View from her home

Hayley and Hermana Puertas

Silly Comps

Hayley and Hermana Puertas

Eating completos
 Completo (hot dog)


District friends

Apple from Washington!

A cuál iglesia vamos, la verdadera??‏

Hayley and her comp eating fideos and hamburguesas


So this week I did the least amount of work in my entire mission haha and I guess it´s the same for my companion, so I´m thinking it´s going to be the least work I ever do here in Chile, so YEAH. But at the same time it was so great and crazy, AS ALWAYS.

Started out with our Zone Conference!! Oh my gosh literally we have the best mission president and wife. I can´t even explain it. They´re amazing. I want to be them when I grow up. And I´m calling it now, President Kahnlein is going to be some general authority one day I SWEAR. But the funny thing is during all the zone conferences, President felt like he needed to go over the tsunami and earthquake emergency procedures. And what happened that night??? EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN CHILE. Not where i am but more in the north!! it was bad too!! and then the next day we had an earthquake here!! haha we were laying in bed not wanting to get up (the alarm had just gone off) and then the earthquake started and we got RIGHT out of bed!! Haha it wasn't bad, pretty strong and long but it´s not like buildings fell or anything!! So that was way exciting in my week. 

Que mas..... OH so every night my comp and i eat fideos (noodles) and hamburguesas. it´s a really good time. AND i have a new district leader!! halfway through the change! no one knows why, its really weird, because my old district leader didn't go home or anything, they just changed right in the middle! so now my district leader is Elder Wilkes, and he is so great. 

Our investigators are doing well!! the only heartbreaking thing is that only ONE came to general conference out of the like 6 that were originally!!! 3 of them had to go to the campo last minute and 2 got the chickenpox (for real, we went and visited them and they have it) and then one just slept through it (yeah i know it was at 1pm here, welcome to chile!!! there's a reason we start a half hour later than all the other missions in the world haha) SO that was a bummer. but i LOVED LOVED LOVED general conference!! elder rasband who spoke on service, I MET HIM IN THE MTC!! he´s an amazing guy. and family, READ AND WATCH AND FOLLOW THE INFO IN ELDER BALLARDS TALK. and i also loved elder uchtdorfs talk. okay i loved it all. it was so weird, normally general conference feels like it goes on for years, but this time it went by in like 2 seconds!! i couldn't believe it! and so many answers to prayers i can´t even tell yah. but yeah, watch it, it was great. 

Anyways, here´s a funny story of the week - we are teaching this family with a little 8 year old boy, and they've never been to church, and we invited them to church and he asked what church are we going to?? the true one?? i think the true one is a white one hahaha we were cracking up! and he said the closing prayer and we wrote out an outline for him and he just directly read it so it sounded like dear heavenly father we thank thee for we ask thee for in the name of Jesus Christ amen. we were all DYING. 

anyways, ALL IS WELL here in ovalle, i love the work and am always praying that people will actually get married someday instead of living together yikes. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! the church is true and it´s amazing!

love, hermana hansen
 *I didn't get to email back and forth with Hayley last week since we were in Iceland.  BUT - she wanted me to send a special shout out to Scott and Melissa who got married.  She said she was sad to miss it and wishes them the best.