Monday, April 14, 2014

A cuál iglesia vamos, la verdadera??‏

Hayley and her comp eating fideos and hamburguesas


So this week I did the least amount of work in my entire mission haha and I guess it´s the same for my companion, so I´m thinking it´s going to be the least work I ever do here in Chile, so YEAH. But at the same time it was so great and crazy, AS ALWAYS.

Started out with our Zone Conference!! Oh my gosh literally we have the best mission president and wife. I can´t even explain it. They´re amazing. I want to be them when I grow up. And I´m calling it now, President Kahnlein is going to be some general authority one day I SWEAR. But the funny thing is during all the zone conferences, President felt like he needed to go over the tsunami and earthquake emergency procedures. And what happened that night??? EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN CHILE. Not where i am but more in the north!! it was bad too!! and then the next day we had an earthquake here!! haha we were laying in bed not wanting to get up (the alarm had just gone off) and then the earthquake started and we got RIGHT out of bed!! Haha it wasn't bad, pretty strong and long but it´s not like buildings fell or anything!! So that was way exciting in my week. 

Que mas..... OH so every night my comp and i eat fideos (noodles) and hamburguesas. it´s a really good time. AND i have a new district leader!! halfway through the change! no one knows why, its really weird, because my old district leader didn't go home or anything, they just changed right in the middle! so now my district leader is Elder Wilkes, and he is so great. 

Our investigators are doing well!! the only heartbreaking thing is that only ONE came to general conference out of the like 6 that were originally!!! 3 of them had to go to the campo last minute and 2 got the chickenpox (for real, we went and visited them and they have it) and then one just slept through it (yeah i know it was at 1pm here, welcome to chile!!! there's a reason we start a half hour later than all the other missions in the world haha) SO that was a bummer. but i LOVED LOVED LOVED general conference!! elder rasband who spoke on service, I MET HIM IN THE MTC!! he´s an amazing guy. and family, READ AND WATCH AND FOLLOW THE INFO IN ELDER BALLARDS TALK. and i also loved elder uchtdorfs talk. okay i loved it all. it was so weird, normally general conference feels like it goes on for years, but this time it went by in like 2 seconds!! i couldn't believe it! and so many answers to prayers i can´t even tell yah. but yeah, watch it, it was great. 

Anyways, here´s a funny story of the week - we are teaching this family with a little 8 year old boy, and they've never been to church, and we invited them to church and he asked what church are we going to?? the true one?? i think the true one is a white one hahaha we were cracking up! and he said the closing prayer and we wrote out an outline for him and he just directly read it so it sounded like dear heavenly father we thank thee for we ask thee for in the name of Jesus Christ amen. we were all DYING. 

anyways, ALL IS WELL here in ovalle, i love the work and am always praying that people will actually get married someday instead of living together yikes. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! the church is true and it´s amazing!

love, hermana hansen
 *I didn't get to email back and forth with Hayley last week since we were in Iceland.  BUT - she wanted me to send a special shout out to Scott and Melissa who got married.  She said she was sad to miss it and wishes them the best. 

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