Monday, November 3, 2014

God bless America, darling!!!‏

Happy "Halfway" day - 9 months in, 9 months to go!
OKAY so this week was a little loco, but it's okay.

First off (don't freak out mom) but my acid reflux got way bad for a little while there. So that was the worst because I couldn't sleep at night and we couldn't work a lot because it was a rough time and the nurse was like you need to take a break, so that was WAY frustrating for me, but it's all good now. I'm feeling way better! But it meant the week was a little lame, and it was rough with Halloween because it's a day off holiday for the evangelicos (i don't know what that is in English) and the next day is a holiday too so everyone just checked out for the weekend haha. 
But we still got a lot done this week, and worked with a lot of less actives and recent converts to up our attendance numbers!! So it went well :) OH and now I'm halfway through the mission! I only have one of the pictures because my camera died, but I'll send more next week I promise!! But yeah, J left town so he didn't go to church. Y said she doesn't want to get baptized, and A is MIA, so it was kind of a bummer. But hey, after an awesome week it almost always has to be the refiners fire! Like President Uchtdorf said "Don't wait for a rainbow before thanking God for the rain."  I know everything is going to work out great! 
Funny story of the week, we contacted this guy and he starts speaking to us in English with a way heavy accent and turns out he is an American citizen! He showed us his green card and everything haha and he lives in New York but is here visiting family. He was waiting for a colectivo (a mix between a taxi and a bus) and then it got there so we wrote down his address and he got in and drove away. But as the guy was driving off, J (that's his name) yelled GOD BLESS AMERICA DARLING! Haha - we died laughing. 
The mission is too good, and I'm so glad I still have 9 more months to enjoy it.  I love you family, I carved a pumpkin and thought of you :)  DONT LEAVE ME THIS WAY! Hope you all had a good Halloween and have a good week this week!!

Hermana Hansen

My friend Kevin sent me this talk, it's awesome!! We all make mistakes, and others do to, but part of the gospel is repentance, and we need to leave everything in the past after we have repented and not let Satan make us think we can't progress because of that, faith is pointed forward! :) love you all!
The photos didn't come through with last week's email, so these first few are from last week.

Making French toast

Enjoying the fruits of their labors
They miraculously found ROOT BEER and decided to make floats

Happy Hermanas

Carving the pumpkin


I think I hear "Don't leave me this way" in the background...
Cute Hayley on Halloween

Hayley on splits with a new missionary

Sunset over Hayley's apartment complex

Sweet companions

Nine months in and still smiling!!

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  1. Cute Hayley ~ SIster Hansen!! It's SO fun to see your photos and read about your mission! I can't believe you have been out for 9 months!! And I can't believe WE will be home in 3 months!! Time is FLYING by!! You are darling and a GREAT missionary I'm sure!! It's sad that there are NO sisters serving in Ethiopia…. : / But we LOVE our fun Elders!! You are in our prayers! LOVE to you from Debre Zeyit , Ethiopia!!! Aunt Joyce