Sunday, November 16, 2014

No quiero más Gatorade NUNCA.‏

Hayley and Hermana Page


So this week was a little crazy, but hey, that's normal, RIGHT?! 

I feel bad, things aren't progressing too well here because guess what... I WAS SICK AGAIN. This time with this super ugly stomach flu. Blech. First it was Monday which is always short on time, then Tuesday/Wednesday were intercambios (exchanges) and then district meeting and then some super good lessons, but then BAM. Wednesday late at night I woke up and started throwing up, and it lasted until nighttime Thursday. My AMAZING district leader, Elder Passey - he's honestly the best - came and gave me a really pretty blessing and I felt well enough to go to consejo the next day. But eating food still kinda makes me sick to my stomach, and I feel dizzy a LOT. The nurse said it's a two week thing, that i'm not gonna barf again, but I might feel dizzy and nauseated and weak for a couple weeks. GREAT. So that's just been a little lame, for me and my comp! But we're still gonna get stuff done.

At consejo I said bye to Hermana Puertas and Hermana Lucas (my trainer and an hermana that changed my LIFE) and totally bawled. And I said bye to Hermana Barros because she possibly isn't gonna be an hermana lider this next change so I won't see her. HEARTBREAKING. More than anything, it's just weird to see the generations go, pretty soon I'm gonna be the group that's been in the mission forever.  I don't know how I feel about that... 

C also got home!!!!!! I was so happy to see him. He's progressing! We're having some problems with me being sick, so we haven't done a lot. I feel bad :( But I know that this week can be way way better. 
Anyways, I hope you all are doing well.  Don't worry too much about me because I'm gonna be just fine! I the blessing I got it just said this is just a trial I have to pass through and it will be awesome when it all passes. That's the thing, trials always pass, so I'm not too hung up on it :) I love the mission, the church is true, and I just hope I can help more families be eternal! Love you all!

Hermana Hansen
Sick Hayley and her comp

"loreta, our neighbor, when hermana page told her i was sick she said I KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS and brought me a toy gun and stethoscope. so cute!"

"definition of my sick day (gatorade, chamomile tea, space heater because i was freezing with my fever, and just not caring about anything)"    

"goodbye to my mamá with my half sister" (meaning her trainer and another sister her trainer trained)

Saying goodbye to Hermana Lucas

Saying goodbye to Hermana Barros
A cool street in Valpariso

Hayley and her comp making cookies for Family night with the familia Burgos

Views of Viña del Mar

Hayley and Hermana Page

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