Monday, November 24, 2014

Vayase de aquí Satanás!‏

Cute companions


So by this time I know you're pretty sick of hearing this, but I'm sick - AGAIN!!! This time with a really nasty cold and cough. Super congested, ears hurting, gross cough, 101 fever, runny nose sick. GAH. But I already got a blessing and today is P-day so it's fine. ALSO update on Hermana Page's weird thing in her mouth ... IT'S A CYST. Yep right up there in her gums she's got a cyst. So we've basically been living in Viña and today hopefully they're gonna finally take care of it! Seriously Satan is attacking us so much, but I know that that means that there are MIRACLES coming :)

This week we couldn't do that much because of our travels to Viña and back, but there were still a lot of miracles! Members gave us a bunch of referrals and the ward is really starting to make an effort so we can make a new ward here in Placilla so Valparaíso Oeste can be a stake! Seriously it is the coolest thing I have been a part of, the whole ward split/creating thing. It's so spiritual. I hope I can be a part of creating a new stake in zion!! :)

We are officially on the hunt for new investigators. Y and her family are still progressing but they're finishing college right now so they're in Valpo from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, so we can't teach them until later on this week. C went to Santiago this weekend, but we talked to him over the phone about his fast, and he said it went well, so we'll see how that turns out! But Hermana Page and I found a whole new area that I didn't know about in our sector, so we are convinced we are gonna find some escogidos (chosen) there :) 

ALSO cambios came and went and Hermana Page and I stayed the same! So looks like we're here together at least until new year's eve :) WOO. We're excited. 

It sounds weird to say but the whole being sick all the time thing is really a testimony builder for me. It didn't happen to us until they announced the ward split, and since then we've been sick on and off, our ward mission leader has a TON to do at his work, the bishop's new baby was born (now he has 8 kids... YIKES) and a ton of other stuff. It just goes to show how much Satan hates it when the church progresses! It is so cool to see that. And it's awesome to know that God will ALWAYS win, that his purposes and designs can't be frustrated no matter what Satan tries to do. So, long story short, I am way excited to see what this cambio brings :) love you all!!

Hermana Hansen
Hayley & Hermana Page's "Thankful Turkey".  We make one as a family every year, so this year I sent her a little kit to make one in Chile. :)

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