Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hayley and her comp


Okay this week was awesome, but I don´t have as much time as usual because we have a ZONE ACTIVITY YEAH. So I have to write a ton of stuff really fast hahaha. 

FIRST OFF - biggest and best news first - M GOT BAPTISED!!!! She´s amazing. She went from smoking 6 to 8 times a day to 0 in ONE DAY so that she could get baptized. It was a little crazy gettting there, but we saw her every day and worked with her and so did the Lord and she DID IT. It was the most beautiful baptism, half the branch showed up and literally everyone was crying. It was amazing. One of our investigators came and he really liked it and then finally came to church for the first time, so YEAHHH for that!

Besides that this week wasn´t super exciting. We did a lot of service, taught seminary a couple times, painted a way sketchy bathroom where one of our investigators is moving to and helped out the branch as always. A few of our investigators lost their baptismal dates for various reasons, but June is looking way promising. And hey, I can´t complain, I've had a baptism every month of my mission so far haha. I love this work a lot, it´s incredible what the people of this church do. And how blessed we are to be a part of it :)

We also had a family home evening with M and a hermana from the branch and we made EMPANADAS!!! It was so so so good. but it was so hard, literally I have never wanted to throw up as much in that moment. We had had a HUGE lunch with another family, then went to an investigators house and they gave us things to eat and drink, and THEN we made empanadas and she had prepared this huge salad and oh my GOSH it was so hard haha but WE DID IT. I´m still not hungry 16 hours later but it´s worth it. 

Sorry this is so short, but I have a lot to do today in this time, but I LOVE YOU ALL and miss you!! I hope everything is going well!! :)

hermana hansen
Hayley and her comp at M's baptism
M's family at her baptism

Happy family at the baptims
Hayley and her comp
Hayley's comp making empanadas

Hayley making empanadas

The empanada master)

Delicious finished product!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Flowers from an investigator's child


How are you all??? Chile is still going great, yeah my comp isn´t my favorite but the work is awesome, so I can´t complain! This week not a lot happened, but we did see miracles so here I go.

First of all, things are going better with my companion, I just have to change my thinking. And hey I´ll only be with her for 4.5 months max, so I just have to make the most of it. 
We set a lot of baptismal dates this week, we HAD 5  total but then all of our investigators got sick (seriously it´s the time of year!!) and so two lost their dates :'(  
BUT. We have an incredible investigator named M. Hermana Puertas and I were helping reactivate her and her family and she wanted to go to the temple but they weren't able to find her records!! So they did everything - even wrote Salt Lake - but it looks like she never got baptized! So we thought it was gonna be way easy, but we felt like something was off. So we talked to her more, and turns out she has a problem with smoking. BUT she really wants to quit and be an example to her family and REALLY wants to go to the temple!! SO. We immediately promised her a million blessings and called our district leader and he gave her a blessing. That was Wednesday and she hasn´t smoked since and is getting baptized on Saturday if all goes well!! :) HUGE miracle. The Lord really is more powerful than Satan!

We had a zone conference, it was super fun, I have a great zone!! :) But really, I have the best district in the mission haha and it´s a FACT. This is Elder Wilkes last cambio here though, our district leader, so that´s gonna be a little sad :( 
Hmmmm I don´t know what else to say! A and M are amazing, and I love them so much! (my two converts) I am going to be sad to leave Ovalle, that´s for sure :)

Another tender mercy, we had to go visit someone last night but it was kinda late and I felt kinda nervous going through this one area, but we did it anyways. When we were in the middle of the neighborhood, I felt a really bad feeling and IMMEDIATELY prayed, seriously it was freaky. All of the sudden, this colectivo guy (basically taxi) passed and then stopped and said that he would take us to where we´re going for free because he felt like he needed to take us. IT WAS SO AWESOME!! And then on the way back the parents walked us back to our house so it was good. WOO-HOO ANSWERED PRAYERS! :)

Anyways, I love the branch, love Ovalle, and love missionary work. I hope you guys are all good, I LOVE YOU!!


AWESOME video about the preisthood

Cute ward children putting on a Mother's Day Program

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Even though she was pixelated, it was AMAZING Skyping with Hayley on Mother's Day!


So hey again - haha - I just saw you guys but I still have a bit to say!! :) Here goes for my week. It was pretty hard still, but it´s getting better!! We had exchanges, so that helped out. I learned a BUNCH. We have 4 investigators with baptismal dates now and a lot of new investigators!! :) We are going to have to work really hard with these investigators so they really can get baptized, but hey, I´m not complaining :) The branch is awesome as always. I love the members SO SO much!!!

Bummer of the week - half of the zone got the stomach flu, including my companion and I, but WE SURVIVED :) - haha
Also, the other day this rando guy told us they were going to cut our light (electricity) because we have a lot of debt. But we called the mission and they were like he is crazy and probably not part of the light company! So long story short, WE STILL HAVE LIGHT :) woohoo!

Sweet moment of the week:  It was Mother's Day and everything, and my convert M lives far from a lot of her kids. So I got her flowers and a skirt to wear to church and we both wrote her letters :) When we gave it to her she totally cried!! It was the best. I love her SO much!!!

Basically it was the best talking to you guys, even if i could hardly hear or see you :) I love you all SO SO SO much, and I hope everything is still going well!! 


These videos are AWESOME, watch them!!!

Hayley missing her last companion, Hermana Puertas from Peru.

A personalized Mother's Day card for mom.   Cards from the kids are the BEST!

The sweet note that came with a treat handed out in Relief Society on Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Birthday wish for mom


Okay first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! :) I hope it was a super awesome day!!! Second, what you´ve all been waiting for, SKYPE INFO. Okay this is complicated. It was gonna be Saturday at 2:30 chile time, because that's mothers day here in chile, but no it has to be Sunday we just found out!! So we´re in the process of changing it haha but I´ll let you know!! It´ll be Sunday probably around 3 or 3:30, but I´ll let  you guys know, yeah? okay deal.

HERE IS MY GREAT AND TERRIBLE WEEK. This is gonna be a long one, so hang in there. First the bad. My comp is a little rough, she is pretty disobedient but is my trainer and senior companion, so its hard for ME to obey sometimes because she´s not down. But I'm working on helping her out, it's just way awkward sometimes. But ya know, I TRUST IN THE LORD. Also super sad (which mom please send to hna puertas!!) Filomena, the old lady that we sang to a bunch and said funny things, passed away this Wednesday :(  It was weird, I almost bawled right there and then in the street when her son told me!! But it´s nice to know that she´s finally resting and in a better place, she was in a lot of pain before.

OK done with depressing things, on to MIRACLES AND HAPPINESS. First our investigator J and her family CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!! Poor J is more than ready to be baptized. She´s passed her interview twice and before she was punished she was more active then the members, but she was punished for bad grades and couldn't come the past few weeks. BUT miraculous change of heart by her mom yesterday!! They're all on the road to baptism, I´m praying so hard for them!! Also on Saturday Punitaqui (the area of two elders in my district) had the baptism of H!! He´s been so close for the past 2 months. The whole district has been thinking of ways to help him, and HE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! :)  It was so awesome. Elder Wilkes and I sang "cuando me bautice" together! Which is the baptism "i like to look for rainbows" song. It was great!! I sang the first verse in Spanish (and of course messed up a word because I´m Hermana Hansen but I´m over it) and then he sang the second verse in Spanish and then we sang together in English to end because H loves English!! It was awesome. Seriously love the elders in my district so much, but i do miss elder fui!! and hermana puertas </3

ALSO this week was interviews with the president!! Man I wish they happened every week. President Kahnlein is the best. I love him SO much. It really helped me so so so much!!! Also my new zone leader is from Guayaquil mom!! And his dad served in Quito!!! I forgot when sorry hahaha but how cool if you knew him?? And I've decided Ecuadorian Spanish is my favorite with Peruvian a close second. Maybe because I can actually understand them perfectly hahaha.

Last but not least, PERRO EN LA CAPILLA. On Sunday it was awesome there were a bunch of investigators at church, but one of them BROUGHT A PUPPY. hahahaha It was chaos in the chapel, and finally the primary president (who is awesome) picked him up by the neck and took him outside hahaha It was so great. Anyways, Spanish is coming along great and I´m hanging in there!!! The church is so true. I cant wait to talk to you guys and love you TONS!!!

con amor
hna hansen
Vista of Ovalle

Sunset in Ovalle

H's baptism

H's baptism (Hayley's new comp is on the far left)