Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hayley and her comp


Okay this week was awesome, but I don´t have as much time as usual because we have a ZONE ACTIVITY YEAH. So I have to write a ton of stuff really fast hahaha. 

FIRST OFF - biggest and best news first - M GOT BAPTISED!!!! She´s amazing. She went from smoking 6 to 8 times a day to 0 in ONE DAY so that she could get baptized. It was a little crazy gettting there, but we saw her every day and worked with her and so did the Lord and she DID IT. It was the most beautiful baptism, half the branch showed up and literally everyone was crying. It was amazing. One of our investigators came and he really liked it and then finally came to church for the first time, so YEAHHH for that!

Besides that this week wasn´t super exciting. We did a lot of service, taught seminary a couple times, painted a way sketchy bathroom where one of our investigators is moving to and helped out the branch as always. A few of our investigators lost their baptismal dates for various reasons, but June is looking way promising. And hey, I can´t complain, I've had a baptism every month of my mission so far haha. I love this work a lot, it´s incredible what the people of this church do. And how blessed we are to be a part of it :)

We also had a family home evening with M and a hermana from the branch and we made EMPANADAS!!! It was so so so good. but it was so hard, literally I have never wanted to throw up as much in that moment. We had had a HUGE lunch with another family, then went to an investigators house and they gave us things to eat and drink, and THEN we made empanadas and she had prepared this huge salad and oh my GOSH it was so hard haha but WE DID IT. I´m still not hungry 16 hours later but it´s worth it. 

Sorry this is so short, but I have a lot to do today in this time, but I LOVE YOU ALL and miss you!! I hope everything is going well!! :)

hermana hansen
Hayley and her comp at M's baptism
M's family at her baptism

Happy family at the baptims
Hayley and her comp
Hayley's comp making empanadas

Hayley making empanadas

The empanada master)

Delicious finished product!

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