Tuesday, June 3, 2014


J's baptism with her little brother I


So Thursday I turned (honestly don't remember how to say it in English so sorry that doesn't make sense) 4 MONTHS IN THE MISSION! Yeahhhh! It went by way to fast hahaha. And with those four months, four baptisms! No complaints there hahaha. This week was also miraculous, so here we go real quick. 

First of all, J GOT BAPTISED AHHHHHHH. BEST PART OF THE WHOLE WEEK!! :) It was amazing and glorious. I felt last Saturday that she was going to get baptized this week, but everyone thought I was crazy because her mom hasn't given her permission since January. but I KNEW she was going to get baptized. so I got Hermana Lopez to work extra hard with me and we prepared a lot and prayed even more. And then on Wednesday her mom said YES and that also she wants I,  J´s little brother, to get baptized in June after he turns eight!! AHH. It was so amazing. I cried. And now the mom and the grandma are going to keep working towards baptism as well!! Seriously it was the best thing to ever happen, the spirit is amazing. it was really J´s time. And it just so happens that the branch president and two other brothers in the branch know her dad! So the branch president is going to come with us to talk to the dad at last on Saturday. The Lord really prepares people to receive the truth. It´s amazing. 

Okay that´s out of the way haha. Cambios (transfers) are coming our way on Wednesday, so we´ll see if I´m still in Ovalle or if Hermana Lopez leaves or if everything stays the same! It´s so stressful that we have no idea until the night before haha but hey we survive. AND the zone activity last week was way fun, we had lunch and played soccer, seriously the best haha. ALSO next week we are meeting as a mission in Viña!!! For the first time in a year and a half or more! A member of the seventy is coming and we all get to gather together to listen. not only do i get to hear him, but also i get to see EVERYONE. I am so excited. 

This week was good! It's still hard with my companion, but I read a quote that said ´don't pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks, because then the task won´t be the miracle, but YOU will be the miracle.´ Helped me a lot to change my thinking!! But things do improve every day. The last district meeting was sad, I made chocolate chip cookies but half of them burned in the weird church oven and Elder Wilkes made ice cream, so it ended up a good time haha. AND mom I gave the Takis you sent to the YW in the branch and they freaked out and say THANK YOU :) I´m now their favorite missionary in the ward - YES. 

Anyways, I love you all so so much and I hope that you all had a great week!! :) 

until next Monday

Hermana Hansen

Super awesome video

J's baptism

Elder Wilkes

Hayley's District

Another one of the district

And one more of the district. :)

The cute young women in the ward with their "Taki" that I sent

Hayley and her comp at the Zone activity

The Hermanas in Hayley's zone

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