Monday, March 31, 2014


Hayley studying

WOW seriously i don´t even know what to say i feel like i wrote you guys yesterday haha. BUT. let´s think back on this week shall we?? First of all, the lord is giving me tons of blessings in the spanish department, i can actually understand people these days and i´m contributing to lessons and... wait for it... TEACHING MY OWN LESSONS TO THE MENOS ACTIVOS. seriously a milagro. but anyways this week has been awesome, we found some golden new investigators, and we are still plugging along with m* and a* and n* and e* etc etc. and holy cow m*, whose baptism was a little over a week ago, is already doing missionary work!! she is such an example to me. 

Hayley, Hermana Puertas and M at her baptism
M's Baptism

BUT not everything is perfect and smiles. it was hard this week because this one investigator that i had a lot of hope for and really thought was going to get baptized dropped us :(( heartbreaking. but it´s okay, we were just preparing her for another time!! missions are so so hard, honestly never expected it to be this hard, but at the same time such great things happen, i dont even know! I had intercambios for the first time (honestly don't know the word in english oops) and i went with hermana plothow for a day!! i spoke english for the first time in 3 weeks haha that was a good time! but she is seriously an example missionary and who i want to be by the end of my mission. SUPERSTAR. i learned a ton!! not surprised shes a sister missionary leader haha. the only bummer was that the next day i struggled with spanish a little bit because i had been speaking english haha sorry hna puertas!

Okay funny stories for the week! first of all, in the ccm we called pasta pasta, and no one ever corrected us! so i just thought it was acceptable. so when this family we were eating with asked me what food i liked here, i said i liked the pasta, and they all just BURST OUT LAUGHING. turns out that is slang for cocaine here hahahaha so DON'T WORRY FAMILY, i´m still embarrassing myself and telling members that i love some hard drugs. YIKES. haha also the old lady we sing to this week 1) asked us if we like boys, and 2) told us to shut the door because too much sun was coming in when it was night time. honestly so hard not to laugh haha i love her so much. also our district leader and his comp sing us bachata songs by aventura every night so we get a kick out of that haha.

OH and the best part of every single one of our weeks is BRANCH FAMILY HOME EVENING! every friday at 7:30 at the church building. gosh it is such a blast. and our investigator and the elders investigator DOMINATED the fhe this friday!! first we watched a spiritual video and then our investigators did games, and they were SO fun!! young and old, everyone was cracking up. great ward bonding, which we need so that they will come help us with investigators haha. but we danced. oops. the only time we will get to dance on our missions during this little repeat after me game haha. such a good time i can´t even tell ya. 

ANYWAYS, everything is good here in ovalle, i´m stressing a bit because we have zone conference tomorrow with the mission president and he wants us to have ALL OF THE COMMITMENTS memorized. and i´m over here just barely finishing my third week in the field and my companion who just finished her first year doesn't
even know them haha. leerá el libro de mormon y orará para saber que es la palabra de dios? i love it. anyways, thanks for all your prayers, i really feel them, and i´m praying for you all too!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Hermana Hansen
*Hayley was able to send some photos this week.  So, some of them are from a few weeks ago.  Hopefully the captions will help. :) Also, I am not quite sure what happened to the last few photos. For some reason they got all stretched out when I posted them...*

Hayley's bedroom in Ovalle  (MTC district pictured in the photo above)

The bathroom

Her surprisingly nice kitchen - no oven though

First day in her Ovalle home
Three of her MTC teachers
Hayley with her MTC district and two of her teachers

Hayley with her MTC companions and one of her favorite teachers

MTC companions together in Vina

Companions with MTC President Doll and his wife Sister Doll

Companions overlooking Viña del Mar

Hayley and Hermana Bluth on a bus to the north

Showing off her fancy watch tan

Monday, March 24, 2014

"No, no tengo sueño"‏

Wowowow 2 weeks already in Ovalle, let´s talk about this one shall we? First of all, M GOT BAPTISED AND CONFIRMED THIS WEEKEND!!!! :))))) Best day(s) ever!!! I really understand the whole how great shall be your joy scripture now. She is so awesome! I spoke at her baptism too, so scary but it went well i think!! That´s the biggest news haha

Here we haver lunch with the members because lunch is the big meal here! It´s always good, but they feed us SO MUCH and then afterwards they´re like wow hermanas you hardly ate anything as I´m about to  puke haha but hey better than starving am I right?? Voy a engordar pero está bien.

Our investigators are all doing well! We had quite a few at church on sunday, and a couple came to the baptism too!! Hna Puertas and i are hoping for one more baptism this cambio, i think it´ll happen :) The spanish is coming along too!! I´m actually speaking and teaching in lessons now, not a lot but about a third, because i can actually grasp what´s going on! Chileans talk fast man. Thank goodness i can always understand hna puertas, her spanish is so pretty! Honestly though how much spanish i can speak and understand is SUCH a blessing.

The weather is finally starting to cool down a bit, i have a mad weird tan lines after just this little amount of time haha but i´m sure in a couple months ill be BEGGING for it to be hot again!! FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK: hna puertas and i visit this really old lady that´s bedridden about 3 times a week to sing hymns to her! we went on wednesday and about halfway through she started SNORING hahaha we were laughing so so so hard and she was just sleeping away. Right as we were about to leave, she woke up!! Hna puertas asked her if she liked it and she said yeah!! and so i asked if she was tired and she said no, no tengo sueño (no i´m not tired) and let me tell ya, it was SO hard not to burst out laughing right then and there hahaha it was a good time. 

Anyways, my companion is great, my district is the best, love the branch and the members. This work is SOOO hard, but great too. LOVE YOU ALL and i hope everything is going well!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

HOLA from OVALLE!!!! :D‏

Hayley with her mission president and his wife

Mission field training (Hayley is in the yellow at the end)

Mission field training

Arriving in Viña del Mar

Arriving in Viña del Mar

"Head shoulders knees and toes" (cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies)

Arriving in Viña del Mar
Hayley and her MTC companions overlooking Viña del Mar.

 <We finally heard from Hayley today - yay!  This letter covers the past two weeks.  She was not able to figure out how to send photos this week, so these are stolen from the Mission website. 
I was able to email back and forth with her for a few minutes this morning.  She is doing well, just frustrated that she can't speak Spanish as well as she would like.  She also mentioned that she does all of her laundry by hand!  Such an adventure. :)>


COMO ESTAN? I seriously apologize for spelling and grammar errors, this cpu is super ghetto and i haven't spoken or heard ingles in days haha. okay this is gonna be long because i haven't written in a while!

My last week at the ccm was so awesome and so sad!! we took the metros and buses around and went on splits, i was with THE BEST hermana, we were like twins! hna hawkins! i wish she was in my mission haha. i got really really close to the latinos and obviously all of my teachers over the 6 weeks.especially hna alfaro!! the last day we watched the restoration in spanish and everyone cried and then i had one last kneelng prayer with my district and we all just bawled and bawled it was so sad! also it was crazy hard to say bye to the dolls, they are the best best best. the ccm is something i will NEVER forget!!! 

ok moving on to what i know you want to hear about, EL CAMPO MISIONAL. holy cow. so pres and hna kahnlein came and got us last Tuesday morning and dropped us off in front of the vina clock with the mission home address and a libro de mormon and said don´t come to the home until you´ve placed the book and gotten a reference haha it was CRAZY but really fun. we also had to ask people how to get to the mission home on top of that! it was good though.we ate PIZZA at the mission home and then had hours of training before going to bed at this hotel around the corner and then trained all day the next day until CAMBIOS. us newbies had to sit on the stand while he called all our names and companions. all of the sudden there were only 5 of us left including me and sister bluth and he said ok you guys are going NORTH i need you to find your suitcases and get on the bus right now, you´ll meet your companions when you get there. AHH i freaked out! but i totally knew it at the same time. i´m in OVALLE in the canihuante ward with hna puertas! it was a 6 hr bus ride and i got there at like midnight haha but hna puertas is awesome and i am in the best sector of all of chile!! i got to see elder seamons for like 2 seconds on the way too haha and i´m in his last branch! but anyways ovalle is GORGEOUS, the houses are all super colorful. it´s pretty humble, but i like it that way. don´t worry mom we live in a really nice pension haha better than any of the member´s that I've been in. the branch is great, and i have loved all the members even though i´m quiet all the time since chileans are so hard to understand haha. and ovalle is the hottest area in the mission so YAY FOR WATCH TANS AND BURNED FACES haha. people stare at me because i´m so white and tall its great. all of our investigators are great, but there is no concept of time here and no one is ever there when they say they will be but it´s not bad haha.

FUN NEWS, we have a baptism on Saturday!!! ;D;D;D this super nice woman, m. she had her interview the other day and got the go ahead!! i'm so excited. seriously she was prepared by the lord, i finally understand what that means!! funny story though, when we were going over the interview questions, and we got to the have you committed a serious crime, she said YES!! haha it was so hard not to laugh, i guess she hit a woman years ago and went to jail for a couple nights. afterward hna puertas and i told our district leader and laughed and laughed. she´s the sweetest lady too, you never would have expected it!!!

anyways, it´s great, the field is HARDD hard hard but i love it at the same time. i walk a lot and only speak and hear spanish haha i've realized i really don´t speak this language, but it will come i know! oh and mom i got your package and card before i left the ccm haha. thank you!! anyways i love you all so much, i hope everything is going well!! LOVE YOU

hna hansen

Monday, March 10, 2014


< This letter was sent last Tuesday.  I did not get it out last week. From what she says, it looks like we will not be receiving one this week since she will be leaving the MTC and going to Viña del Mar where the real adventure begins! I will post last week's photos tomorrow and then anything that I hear from her or the mission home.>

One week left here??? SERIOUSLY?? Can't believe it. This week was different, the other districts are gone and we're the oldest and new teachers and just what the heck! I miss the old guys, but this BUT this group of latinos has people going to VINA!! yeah!!! and Hermana Burwasser who i served in the relief society presidency with is here now!! she's so great. 

ANYWAYS. some fun sports stories coming your way. 1) hna doll and presidente doll organized an hospedaje-wide baseball game for exercise on saturday! that's all the missionaries that live here on ccm campus. it was SO fun! even though i suck at baseball haha it was great to have everyone together. my companions and i also started up kickball in the mornings! THE BEST. pinguinos for life

My new teachers are amazing! All hermanas, arcos, munoz, y alfaro and they all only speak spanish! i translate all the time for my district but i love it, my spanish is getting really good! Hna alfaro is seriously my favorite teacher here! she is so funny and super nice, but also can bring the spirit crazy fast. and she's sassy which is just perfect. i just want to be her/be her best friend. But all of my new teachers are amazing, it's just a ccm thing i guess!

Funny and cool story, we went street contacting (yes with real people outside the CCM) and first we talked to this guy and he obviously wanted none of what we were saying and after some small talk and saying we were missionaries he just yelled YO SOY SATANAS which means I'M SATAN and ran away hahahaha it was SO funny. we were just like alright and kept walkin around! the next guy we talked to we placed a book of mormon, so that made up for it. he was reading it as he left too, it was so cool!

We also had elder evans of the 70 come speak to us about families! he's over all the missionaries in the world, so it was a big deal. we also had a super spiritual experience with my district leader elder schubert, who really struggles with spanish. Hna alfara asked him if he had faith that a blessing would help him with the language, and then he asked another elder in my district to give him a blessing and the spirit was CRAZY strong and they were both crying! and since then, he's improved so so much, honestly a miracle. i am so grateful for the priesthood and my district family! 

Today my companions and i took a taxi to the TALLEST BUILDING IN SOUTH AMERICA!! haha the first 6 floors are a mall, so we went and ate american pizza and ice cream and went to the grocery store and just talked to people, it was so fun! chileans really do talk fast though, so that was a bit of a struggle but i was shocked at how much i could talk and communicate and understand! the taxi drivers were both so nice, one of them had a best friend that is lds and the other gave us all his info in case we ever needed help around santiago haha it was a good day. there was also a temblor or a small earthquake this morning!! i guess they happen a lot here, so one down more to go i guess!

sorry this is so long haha it's been an awesome week! i've been trying to be friends with all the latinos because I LOVE LATINOS. haha it's so fun, south america is the best. but i also miss france like every day so i don't even know! OH the next time i email will be in the field so it will probably be like 2 weeks because i leave to go to the field next tuesday but pdays are on mondays, so dont freak out if i don't say anything for a while (mom :) ) BUT i love you all and i am so sad to leave the ccm but i can't wait to get out to VINA DEL MAR!! LO MEJOR MISION EN TODO EL MUNDO! :) 

siempre sueno de pan,
hna hansen