Monday, March 17, 2014

HOLA from OVALLE!!!! :D‏

Hayley with her mission president and his wife

Mission field training (Hayley is in the yellow at the end)

Mission field training

Arriving in Viña del Mar

Arriving in Viña del Mar

"Head shoulders knees and toes" (cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies)

Arriving in Viña del Mar
Hayley and her MTC companions overlooking Viña del Mar.

 <We finally heard from Hayley today - yay!  This letter covers the past two weeks.  She was not able to figure out how to send photos this week, so these are stolen from the Mission website. 
I was able to email back and forth with her for a few minutes this morning.  She is doing well, just frustrated that she can't speak Spanish as well as she would like.  She also mentioned that she does all of her laundry by hand!  Such an adventure. :)>


COMO ESTAN? I seriously apologize for spelling and grammar errors, this cpu is super ghetto and i haven't spoken or heard ingles in days haha. okay this is gonna be long because i haven't written in a while!

My last week at the ccm was so awesome and so sad!! we took the metros and buses around and went on splits, i was with THE BEST hermana, we were like twins! hna hawkins! i wish she was in my mission haha. i got really really close to the latinos and obviously all of my teachers over the 6 weeks.especially hna alfaro!! the last day we watched the restoration in spanish and everyone cried and then i had one last kneelng prayer with my district and we all just bawled and bawled it was so sad! also it was crazy hard to say bye to the dolls, they are the best best best. the ccm is something i will NEVER forget!!! 

ok moving on to what i know you want to hear about, EL CAMPO MISIONAL. holy cow. so pres and hna kahnlein came and got us last Tuesday morning and dropped us off in front of the vina clock with the mission home address and a libro de mormon and said don´t come to the home until you´ve placed the book and gotten a reference haha it was CRAZY but really fun. we also had to ask people how to get to the mission home on top of that! it was good though.we ate PIZZA at the mission home and then had hours of training before going to bed at this hotel around the corner and then trained all day the next day until CAMBIOS. us newbies had to sit on the stand while he called all our names and companions. all of the sudden there were only 5 of us left including me and sister bluth and he said ok you guys are going NORTH i need you to find your suitcases and get on the bus right now, you´ll meet your companions when you get there. AHH i freaked out! but i totally knew it at the same time. i´m in OVALLE in the canihuante ward with hna puertas! it was a 6 hr bus ride and i got there at like midnight haha but hna puertas is awesome and i am in the best sector of all of chile!! i got to see elder seamons for like 2 seconds on the way too haha and i´m in his last branch! but anyways ovalle is GORGEOUS, the houses are all super colorful. it´s pretty humble, but i like it that way. don´t worry mom we live in a really nice pension haha better than any of the member´s that I've been in. the branch is great, and i have loved all the members even though i´m quiet all the time since chileans are so hard to understand haha. and ovalle is the hottest area in the mission so YAY FOR WATCH TANS AND BURNED FACES haha. people stare at me because i´m so white and tall its great. all of our investigators are great, but there is no concept of time here and no one is ever there when they say they will be but it´s not bad haha.

FUN NEWS, we have a baptism on Saturday!!! ;D;D;D this super nice woman, m. she had her interview the other day and got the go ahead!! i'm so excited. seriously she was prepared by the lord, i finally understand what that means!! funny story though, when we were going over the interview questions, and we got to the have you committed a serious crime, she said YES!! haha it was so hard not to laugh, i guess she hit a woman years ago and went to jail for a couple nights. afterward hna puertas and i told our district leader and laughed and laughed. she´s the sweetest lady too, you never would have expected it!!!

anyways, it´s great, the field is HARDD hard hard but i love it at the same time. i walk a lot and only speak and hear spanish haha i've realized i really don´t speak this language, but it will come i know! oh and mom i got your package and card before i left the ccm haha. thank you!! anyways i love you all so much, i hope everything is going well!! LOVE YOU

hna hansen

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