Monday, March 10, 2014


< This letter was sent last Tuesday.  I did not get it out last week. From what she says, it looks like we will not be receiving one this week since she will be leaving the MTC and going to Viña del Mar where the real adventure begins! I will post last week's photos tomorrow and then anything that I hear from her or the mission home.>

One week left here??? SERIOUSLY?? Can't believe it. This week was different, the other districts are gone and we're the oldest and new teachers and just what the heck! I miss the old guys, but this BUT this group of latinos has people going to VINA!! yeah!!! and Hermana Burwasser who i served in the relief society presidency with is here now!! she's so great. 

ANYWAYS. some fun sports stories coming your way. 1) hna doll and presidente doll organized an hospedaje-wide baseball game for exercise on saturday! that's all the missionaries that live here on ccm campus. it was SO fun! even though i suck at baseball haha it was great to have everyone together. my companions and i also started up kickball in the mornings! THE BEST. pinguinos for life

My new teachers are amazing! All hermanas, arcos, munoz, y alfaro and they all only speak spanish! i translate all the time for my district but i love it, my spanish is getting really good! Hna alfaro is seriously my favorite teacher here! she is so funny and super nice, but also can bring the spirit crazy fast. and she's sassy which is just perfect. i just want to be her/be her best friend. But all of my new teachers are amazing, it's just a ccm thing i guess!

Funny and cool story, we went street contacting (yes with real people outside the CCM) and first we talked to this guy and he obviously wanted none of what we were saying and after some small talk and saying we were missionaries he just yelled YO SOY SATANAS which means I'M SATAN and ran away hahahaha it was SO funny. we were just like alright and kept walkin around! the next guy we talked to we placed a book of mormon, so that made up for it. he was reading it as he left too, it was so cool!

We also had elder evans of the 70 come speak to us about families! he's over all the missionaries in the world, so it was a big deal. we also had a super spiritual experience with my district leader elder schubert, who really struggles with spanish. Hna alfara asked him if he had faith that a blessing would help him with the language, and then he asked another elder in my district to give him a blessing and the spirit was CRAZY strong and they were both crying! and since then, he's improved so so much, honestly a miracle. i am so grateful for the priesthood and my district family! 

Today my companions and i took a taxi to the TALLEST BUILDING IN SOUTH AMERICA!! haha the first 6 floors are a mall, so we went and ate american pizza and ice cream and went to the grocery store and just talked to people, it was so fun! chileans really do talk fast though, so that was a bit of a struggle but i was shocked at how much i could talk and communicate and understand! the taxi drivers were both so nice, one of them had a best friend that is lds and the other gave us all his info in case we ever needed help around santiago haha it was a good day. there was also a temblor or a small earthquake this morning!! i guess they happen a lot here, so one down more to go i guess!

sorry this is so long haha it's been an awesome week! i've been trying to be friends with all the latinos because I LOVE LATINOS. haha it's so fun, south america is the best. but i also miss france like every day so i don't even know! OH the next time i email will be in the field so it will probably be like 2 weeks because i leave to go to the field next tuesday but pdays are on mondays, so dont freak out if i don't say anything for a while (mom :) ) BUT i love you all and i am so sad to leave the ccm but i can't wait to get out to VINA DEL MAR!! LO MEJOR MISION EN TODO EL MUNDO! :) 

siempre sueno de pan,
hna hansen

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  1. Sweet Hayley! Who wouldn't want to talk to her with that enthusiasm?! I love it!