Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Mi familia,

WOW. This week was crazy spiritual, amazing, and sad, just another week on the mission i guess! AND as of today, i've been gone for a month!! Like what the heck! I leave the ccm in two weeks! yikes I've got some learning to do haha.
First of all, soccer and ultimate frisbee ALL EXERCISE EVERY EXERCISE. haha the guys know now not to mess with Hermana Frandsen and I cause we get too weirdly competitive and into it (sorry white handbook I promise I'll tone it down) This week was great though, we sat with latinos every meal and I LOVE THEM. haha I seriously laughed so hard I cried every single meal!! I honestly can't wait to get out in the field and talk to latinos all day.
Our district kneels in a circle every time we pray now and it reminds me of nighttime family prayer!! :( I love it though because I love them like they're my family :)  I also got to go to the temple again!! I tried to do some of it in spanish, it was actually really cool. ALSO I don't know if I told you but every week we have to prepare a 5 minute talk for sacrament in spanish and president chooses randomly 3 elders and 3 sisters while he's on the stand to talk and the zone leader just announces them. AND YUP, you guessed it, I spoke this week! On faith in Christ. It actually wasn't too shabby, I looked up a lot and spoke for 6 mins 44 seconds (yes one of my friends timed me to stress me out) and all the latinos said my spanish was great! WOO i am learning!! :)
Sad news of the week, district 4 (a lot of my best friends here) and another gringo district and this group of latinos left this morning :( Seriously so many tears!! It's miserable joy, because I'm going to miss them soooooso much especially since I won't see a lot of them again but there's always email and I know they're going to do awesome things! So I can't be too sad. It is weird that we're going to be the antiguos though! ALSO HAPPY BDAY SHOUTOUT TO DILLON AND MALI THIS WEEKEND!!! Make sure they check their emails, i'm sending them stuff!!So sad I can't be home for the bday weekend :(

ANYWAYS, it was an amazing week. Life changing, as always. I have never had such a strong testimony. Viva el ccm!!
Hna Hansen

Pointing to Viña del Mar on the map

Companions emailing home
Elder Cody Paxman - a friend from home
Companions on p-day

Elders Santos & Rankin with the Hermanas
With her teacher, Hermana Cabrera

Hayley in Santiago

The park where the missionaries exercise

The companions with Elder Santos

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