Tuesday, February 11, 2014



Como estan?? This week was great and not so great at the same time, which i think my whole mission will be like - ups and downs! but i love rollercoasters so hey i'm down. 

I'll tell you guys a bit about my week! we got to go to the temple after our pday last week, that was awesome! This week was insane with our investigators, but we committed them all to baptism before transfers, YEAH! the hermanas are the best haha. two of my teachers changed and i honestly almost cried! hermano figueroa gave us great advice though, my favorite part was "don't waste your time here, because it's the lord's time, not yours"

ALSO all the latinos and my friends from alcantara (the other house) left this morning!! it made me so sad!! they were seriously the best :'( my heart was sad all last night and this morning. elder daniel left too, but i think he sent a picture of us to ashley!! I'm excited for the newbies to come though haha.

Sunday was crazy spiritual and amazing with devo and church and everything! i love sundays here. My district also sang grand eres tu (how great thou art) acapella at the temple president devo and people said we sounded good so hopefully that's the truth hahaha. 

I'll end with a couple fun/funny stories! first of all, we bought grapes from street vendors during one of our breaks the other day!! it was so fun and so great. they were delicious! the cooks here cleaned them for us mom, dont worry ;) its funny, they just walk around to cars on red lights and people actually buy them!! funny story- We are really good friends with these two elders, elder smith and elder rankin, and the other day elder rankin was cutting his hair but his razor went out halfway through! so elder smith had to cut the rest, but with his facial hair razor. SO ELDER RANKIN ENDED UP BALD hahaha it was so funny he walked into personal study with a hat on and president made him take it off and everyone freaked out haha. Oh i love it here.

Anyways, bittersweet week, but i love it here and i am learning and progressing so much. time is going by way too fast, hopefully i'll be ready by the end of this, but i couldn't be happier! LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Hansen
From mom:  I asked for photos, and she delivered!  It's just so great to SEE her. :)  Can't get them up right now, but will as soon as possible.


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