Monday, December 22, 2014


Subway is coming!

Hey family!

So this is gonna be short and sweet since I'm seeing you guys this week! (WOO :)) And I have a lot to do this p-day so I don't have a lot of time haha. BUT this week went insanely well!! We have seen SO many miracles!!! We have a new part of our sector and literally every single time we go we see a ton of miracles. We have found people that are basically saying to us: 'BAPTIZE ME'. So I am way way way excited for the fruits we are going to harvest soon! 
I know that God answers our prayers, because after a hard couple months I just said EVERYTHING and told him about how hard it had been and how hard I had worked and how it was getting draining, and He just shows miracle after miracle. Honestly I am so spoiled and blessed. and so happy to be in the mission! The best choice I have ever made, for real. 
And fun story of the week, I'll fill you in more later, but we met a crazy inactive lady literally named Reina Gloria (queen glory).  We saw her ID and EVERYTHING! And she has a ram horn bugle that calls down God. So she did it so we would be protected. Honestly I have never had to hold in laughter as much as I did in that moment in my LIFE. hahaha 
Anyways, I will fill you in on more spiritual experiences and adventures on Christmas, 5 pm my time! 
Love you all so so much :)

Hermana Hansen
Studying away

With their neighbor, Loreta
Making pancakes for family night

Family night
Zone Conference
Singing at Zone Conference

Presenting at Zone Conference

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Perdí mi agenda.‏


Cute Hayley with her Gingerbread House

First off, it finally happened, Hermana Hansen lost her agenda. SO surprised it didn't happen earlier (and I think the rest of the world is too) but due to small miracles it was found by the dentist and I can go pick it up next week. :) 

BUT HEY besides that, it was a good week!! I have seen so many miracles! We still have had to go to Viña a bunch for my companions mouth - but we have now shared the gospel with like EVERYONE in the dentist's office hahaha. And I talked to the bus driver the whole hour back to Placilla and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! And he committed to go to church! He's from a different zone, but still :)

 A lot of other little miracles happened like that, I saw HUGE changes of heart in less active members. And that C is progressing like none other. He came to church without his wife for the first time and we found his doubt (he doesn't do everything 100% because he's afraid he's going to talk himself into believing instead of getting an actual answer). 
The member we brought with us bore an AWESOME testimony - that C is going to notice the difference, and when he has the answer, he's gonna know he didn't talk himself into it. Just like how he loves his wife but he knows he didn't talk himself into it. 
C is gonna take off for 20 days to spend christmas in Peru with his wife and daughter, but I'm hoping I'll still be here in Placilla when he gets back, because he's way close :)

We've found some cool new investigators, and we have some more area, really just amazing. We had the Christmas zone conference with president, and it was so awesome! I cried. The spirit was so strong. I am so happy to be here during Christmas. the sacrifice brings the spirit more. And what a blessing to share about Christ in this time of Christ? Honestly I have felt the spirit so much lately. The "He is the gift" video makes me cry every time. And I don´t cry EVER in lessons, but I already have a couple times. Oops. But the conference was awesome. We have only 2 key indicators now - baptism and total church attendance - and they're gonna do it in all of South America! I'm way excited for it. :)

Also fun fact, got to do intercambios with HERMANA BLUTH again! :) It was so fun. I love reliving MTC times, and so good to see her and how much we've progressed. I really am so lucky to know ALL the people I've met in the mission, I love all the missionaries I've met! And the people from Chile. It's gonna be rough to go home, so I'm making these last 8 months the best they can be! 

The church is true. trust in the Lord and he will show you everything you need, I promise. 
Love you all so much!! Merry Christmas soon!! :)


ps. the pictures are Martina and I , me and my ward mission leader having a picture war, and GINGERBREAD HOUSE that Hermana Page and I decorated (thanks mom!)
Hayley and Martina
Cute comps with their gingerbread house

Hayley's ward mission leader - having a picture war

Side view

Cute Hermana Page with the gingerbread house

Riding in the back of Felipe's truck

Riding in the back of Felipe's truck

Reenacting "perks of being a wallflower" scene
cute decorations

Ward Christmas party

Elder Oldroyd and Felipe

Elder Swindler and a recent convert

Musical chairs

Hayley and Hermana Page at Leadership Conference

Girls being silly at FHE ( a sweet member posted this on Facebook)
Another cute photo from Monday night's FHE - stolen from a Facebook post of a member in Chile.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Él es la Dádiva.‏

No photos this week, so here's one from the mission blog of Hayley & comp last month.

Okay so I know you guys probably have heard of it and have seen it a million times and are probably sick of hearing it, but oh my gosh. I think it's called "He is the Gift" in English. (She is referring to the new video found at: The Spirit it brings is so strong! We saw it in leadership council with president and literally everyone was crying. Even president, who's seen it like a million times. I, Hermana Hansen, even cried! And I never cry in the mission - haha -I don't know why! I even cried today when we showed it to someone and I bore my testimony. We have an amazing tool with that video, SHARE IT!!!

OKAY but moving on! This week was INSANE, again! First, on Monday my companion had a ROOT CANAL. The whole time they were saying its a "tratamiento de conducto" which we just directly translated as "conduct treatment" which sounds like some little tests... BUT NO, surprise root canal!! Tuesday and Wednesday were way good. Then Thursday was Hermana Page's surgery. HOLY COW. I watched the whole thing. It was gross and way more intense than i thought!! They cut the first layer of her gum, lifted it up, and scraped out the cyst!! And she was awake!! GAH. The cyst was like the size of an olive pit. HE SHOWED ME THE HOLE. Gah. It was crazy. But she was awesome about it. 
The next day (less than 24 hrs later) we had to go to leadership council! But she went anyways haha and was swollen and bleeding a bit, but it was fine. We came back and she had to rest again. So we didn't work a lot but we saw REAL miracles. We had someone with a baptismal date (just didn't come to church, P, we're going to go visit her). We found some awesome new people, and really were the means to help a lot of people. So I'm happy with the week! Our numbers are actually awesome because we were really only able to work 3 of the 7 days this week and taught like 16 lessons! So it's going well. 

I hope you guys are all having a lovely christmas season, I love you all so much! I do miss traditions, but I got to decorate a tree this week. And I feel so blessed to be focused on Christ and have the feeling of the spirit magnified during this time of the mission :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK!
Hermana Hansen

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hayley in her Christmas pj's, glasses, and headband that I sent.  Such a cutie!


This week was way better! Honestly Hermana Page is so awesome. Obviously there are times that we don't get along, but that just happens when you live with people. She's helping me so much to become who I need to be here in the mission. And we're basically the same person, she's just the later on in the mission version of me. LOVE HER TO DEATH. 

The beginning of this week was rough, I was WAY sick with like bronchitis or something, but we went out and worked all day every day anyways haha. We're in the busqueda (search) for new investigators, so that means a ton of contacting! But it's been awesome to find new, honestly prepared people. I love finding people and seeing their face when they hear the hope that the gospel can give them! 
C is progressing mas o menos, but he DRANK the other day :(((( But I still have a lot of faith in him. Even if he doesn't get baptized with me, I just love him so much I hope he does get baptized one day! Y and her family are progressing still, but Y had to study a lot and so they couldn't come to church but they're still great! 

This week has basically just been good. I just want to work on really being a good disciple of Jesus Christ so that I can live up to my calling. I love being a missionary SO MUCH and I can't even believe that now TEN MONTHS have gone by!!! I just want to live up every second that I can. Love you all lots, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

con amor,

Christmas Hayley and Hermana Page
They stopped to teeter-totter

Hermana Page

View of Placilla


Monday, November 24, 2014

Vayase de aquí Satanás!‏

Cute companions


So by this time I know you're pretty sick of hearing this, but I'm sick - AGAIN!!! This time with a really nasty cold and cough. Super congested, ears hurting, gross cough, 101 fever, runny nose sick. GAH. But I already got a blessing and today is P-day so it's fine. ALSO update on Hermana Page's weird thing in her mouth ... IT'S A CYST. Yep right up there in her gums she's got a cyst. So we've basically been living in Viña and today hopefully they're gonna finally take care of it! Seriously Satan is attacking us so much, but I know that that means that there are MIRACLES coming :)

This week we couldn't do that much because of our travels to Viña and back, but there were still a lot of miracles! Members gave us a bunch of referrals and the ward is really starting to make an effort so we can make a new ward here in Placilla so Valparaíso Oeste can be a stake! Seriously it is the coolest thing I have been a part of, the whole ward split/creating thing. It's so spiritual. I hope I can be a part of creating a new stake in zion!! :)

We are officially on the hunt for new investigators. Y and her family are still progressing but they're finishing college right now so they're in Valpo from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, so we can't teach them until later on this week. C went to Santiago this weekend, but we talked to him over the phone about his fast, and he said it went well, so we'll see how that turns out! But Hermana Page and I found a whole new area that I didn't know about in our sector, so we are convinced we are gonna find some escogidos (chosen) there :) 

ALSO cambios came and went and Hermana Page and I stayed the same! So looks like we're here together at least until new year's eve :) WOO. We're excited. 

It sounds weird to say but the whole being sick all the time thing is really a testimony builder for me. It didn't happen to us until they announced the ward split, and since then we've been sick on and off, our ward mission leader has a TON to do at his work, the bishop's new baby was born (now he has 8 kids... YIKES) and a ton of other stuff. It just goes to show how much Satan hates it when the church progresses! It is so cool to see that. And it's awesome to know that God will ALWAYS win, that his purposes and designs can't be frustrated no matter what Satan tries to do. So, long story short, I am way excited to see what this cambio brings :) love you all!!

Hermana Hansen
Hayley & Hermana Page's "Thankful Turkey".  We make one as a family every year, so this year I sent her a little kit to make one in Chile. :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hermana Hansel y Hermana Gretel.

Hayley wasn't able to send photos this week, so I found one that someone in Chile had recently posted on Facebook (even though it looks like it's from June, it's new to me :))
Hellooooo family!!
So this week was also a little uneventful, because now... my companion has a random infection in her gum! Literally there's like a little ball in her gums above her teeth, I feel so bad!! But because of that, we have to go to Viña a lot to take care of it. BUT we are still seeing miracles, don't even worry about it!! And we also made this decision to be obedient but 100 percent, like to the minute and the suggestions in Preach My Gospel, and it made such a big difference! Seriously, the key to happiness and joy is obedience. We had about the same numbers this week as last week, but I was infinitely happier this week, just because I was being a bit more obedient! In the scripture guide in Spanish, the synonyms for joy are obedience and obey and obedient. I am so grateful that I'm learning this now, and I really know it's going to shape my life. It doesn't matter what my circumstances are, if I am obedient I will be happy.
THATS THAT haha. But C is finally home!!! AHHH!! Honestly I almost cried in church when I saw them. We taught them yesterday and the spirit was SO STRONG. We taught about fasting and C was like yeah lets start RIGHT NOW. So I'm currently fasting with him, Hermana Page, Carmen, and Hermana Barros! We got the assistants to call her so she could fast with us!! I know he's going to get his answer and get baptized SOON. Honestly I love him and Carmen so much!!! Also Y, R, and S are progressing a lot - a family we're working with!! They are so awesome. They are really catholic, but they are progressing little by little every day! The mom at first wanted nothing, but last time she literally said: "have patience with me, it's just hard changing religion!" AHHH. I know that a lot of miracles are coming our way. It makes me so happy!! :)
Fun things: One, the buses here race each other sometimes, and it's good for us because we get there faster, but the buses are already really fast so it's HORRIFYING. But it's also awesome - haha. Also, here all the Chileans when I say "Hansen" are like oohhhh like Hansel and Gretel! And I'm always just like yeahhhh....ALMOST haha. But the other day, an investigator was praying, and she said "gracias por la hermana hansel y gretel...." So looks like Hermana Page and I are Hansel and Gretel hahaha.

There are cambios on Wednesday but I'm about 90 percent sure that Hermana Page and I are staying together. We had to do intercambios with some poor hermanas that are having a rough time that they don't deserve AT ALL. Honestly, I am just so glad to have the gospel in my life. I talked to Hermana Page, I'm in my halfway through the mission midlife crisis where I know how to do the things and how to speak Spanish, but now I just need to become the person God wants me to be. Let's see how it goes!! haha 
Anyways, love you guys so much! Love the mission more than anything, and I am HAPPY, don't worry about me ever! (mom...:))

Hermana Hansen

Sunday, November 16, 2014

No quiero más Gatorade NUNCA.‏

Hayley and Hermana Page


So this week was a little crazy, but hey, that's normal, RIGHT?! 

I feel bad, things aren't progressing too well here because guess what... I WAS SICK AGAIN. This time with this super ugly stomach flu. Blech. First it was Monday which is always short on time, then Tuesday/Wednesday were intercambios (exchanges) and then district meeting and then some super good lessons, but then BAM. Wednesday late at night I woke up and started throwing up, and it lasted until nighttime Thursday. My AMAZING district leader, Elder Passey - he's honestly the best - came and gave me a really pretty blessing and I felt well enough to go to consejo the next day. But eating food still kinda makes me sick to my stomach, and I feel dizzy a LOT. The nurse said it's a two week thing, that i'm not gonna barf again, but I might feel dizzy and nauseated and weak for a couple weeks. GREAT. So that's just been a little lame, for me and my comp! But we're still gonna get stuff done.

At consejo I said bye to Hermana Puertas and Hermana Lucas (my trainer and an hermana that changed my LIFE) and totally bawled. And I said bye to Hermana Barros because she possibly isn't gonna be an hermana lider this next change so I won't see her. HEARTBREAKING. More than anything, it's just weird to see the generations go, pretty soon I'm gonna be the group that's been in the mission forever.  I don't know how I feel about that... 

C also got home!!!!!! I was so happy to see him. He's progressing! We're having some problems with me being sick, so we haven't done a lot. I feel bad :( But I know that this week can be way way better. 
Anyways, I hope you all are doing well.  Don't worry too much about me because I'm gonna be just fine! I the blessing I got it just said this is just a trial I have to pass through and it will be awesome when it all passes. That's the thing, trials always pass, so I'm not too hung up on it :) I love the mission, the church is true, and I just hope I can help more families be eternal! Love you all!

Hermana Hansen
Sick Hayley and her comp

"loreta, our neighbor, when hermana page told her i was sick she said I KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS and brought me a toy gun and stethoscope. so cute!"

"definition of my sick day (gatorade, chamomile tea, space heater because i was freezing with my fever, and just not caring about anything)"    

"goodbye to my mamá with my half sister" (meaning her trainer and another sister her trainer trained)

Saying goodbye to Hermana Lucas

Saying goodbye to Hermana Barros
A cool street in Valpariso

Hayley and her comp making cookies for Family night with the familia Burgos

Views of Viña del Mar

Hayley and Hermana Page