Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Él es la Dádiva.‏

No photos this week, so here's one from the mission blog of Hayley & comp last month.

Okay so I know you guys probably have heard of it and have seen it a million times and are probably sick of hearing it, but oh my gosh. I think it's called "He is the Gift" in English. (She is referring to the new video found at: The Spirit it brings is so strong! We saw it in leadership council with president and literally everyone was crying. Even president, who's seen it like a million times. I, Hermana Hansen, even cried! And I never cry in the mission - haha -I don't know why! I even cried today when we showed it to someone and I bore my testimony. We have an amazing tool with that video, SHARE IT!!!

OKAY but moving on! This week was INSANE, again! First, on Monday my companion had a ROOT CANAL. The whole time they were saying its a "tratamiento de conducto" which we just directly translated as "conduct treatment" which sounds like some little tests... BUT NO, surprise root canal!! Tuesday and Wednesday were way good. Then Thursday was Hermana Page's surgery. HOLY COW. I watched the whole thing. It was gross and way more intense than i thought!! They cut the first layer of her gum, lifted it up, and scraped out the cyst!! And she was awake!! GAH. The cyst was like the size of an olive pit. HE SHOWED ME THE HOLE. Gah. It was crazy. But she was awesome about it. 
The next day (less than 24 hrs later) we had to go to leadership council! But she went anyways haha and was swollen and bleeding a bit, but it was fine. We came back and she had to rest again. So we didn't work a lot but we saw REAL miracles. We had someone with a baptismal date (just didn't come to church, P, we're going to go visit her). We found some awesome new people, and really were the means to help a lot of people. So I'm happy with the week! Our numbers are actually awesome because we were really only able to work 3 of the 7 days this week and taught like 16 lessons! So it's going well. 

I hope you guys are all having a lovely christmas season, I love you all so much! I do miss traditions, but I got to decorate a tree this week. And I feel so blessed to be focused on Christ and have the feeling of the spirit magnified during this time of the mission :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK!
Hermana Hansen

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