Monday, December 22, 2014


Subway is coming!

Hey family!

So this is gonna be short and sweet since I'm seeing you guys this week! (WOO :)) And I have a lot to do this p-day so I don't have a lot of time haha. BUT this week went insanely well!! We have seen SO many miracles!!! We have a new part of our sector and literally every single time we go we see a ton of miracles. We have found people that are basically saying to us: 'BAPTIZE ME'. So I am way way way excited for the fruits we are going to harvest soon! 
I know that God answers our prayers, because after a hard couple months I just said EVERYTHING and told him about how hard it had been and how hard I had worked and how it was getting draining, and He just shows miracle after miracle. Honestly I am so spoiled and blessed. and so happy to be in the mission! The best choice I have ever made, for real. 
And fun story of the week, I'll fill you in more later, but we met a crazy inactive lady literally named Reina Gloria (queen glory).  We saw her ID and EVERYTHING! And she has a ram horn bugle that calls down God. So she did it so we would be protected. Honestly I have never had to hold in laughter as much as I did in that moment in my LIFE. hahaha 
Anyways, I will fill you in on more spiritual experiences and adventures on Christmas, 5 pm my time! 
Love you all so so much :)

Hermana Hansen
Studying away

With their neighbor, Loreta
Making pancakes for family night

Family night
Zone Conference
Singing at Zone Conference

Presenting at Zone Conference

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