Friday, January 2, 2015

Feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo! Y feliz 11 meses!!‏


I'm so so sorry but once again Ihave literally no time because we had a CRAZY VIÑA ADVENTURE today so we have to just rush around doing everything haha. Hermana Page has to get her last visa stuff wrapped up and the elders in the office drew us the worst map in the world so we spent 4 hours of our p-day getting lost in Viña. WOOHOO! haha But it was fun at the same time so I'm okay with it. 

ALRIGHT. This week was honestly incredible. I can't even put into words how grateful I am to be a missionary at this time and in this mission, this zone, and this sector. It is incredible to see the hand of God in my life and the lives of the people around me. We didn't see any baptisms, no investigators even came to church, but I can honestly say that we were instruments in the hands of the lord this week. I felt like a true representative of Jesus Christ, so I cannot be any happier. And so much closer to him! Basically, we just were very direct with a lot of people, but with so much love and so much spirit. And I saw their lives change in front of my eyes. So many times! It was the best feeling in the world. Weeks like this make me want to be a missionary forever! 

There are a lot of stories to tell, but I don't have enough time :( I'll tell one that is really special and close to my heart. There is a couple, Maria and Marcelo. Marcelo is a recent convert and Maria used to be less active but activated when Marcelo got baptized last March. Marcelo is SUPER faithful and an amazing member, he is elders quorum second counselor and has done baptisms for the dead a ton and goes to church every single week.  But Maria is inactive again since she got a job in Santiago. But honestly, they are like family to me. They're the ones that did my surprise birthday party! And have done countless other things for us. So this Christmas we made presents for people that are special to us and one of them was for them. We had cut out a picture of a sealing room, made it transparent (not going in to details now but it takes a long time but its way cool) and wrote on another piece of paper so it would show through ´todo valdrá la pena´ which means it will all be worth it. We gave it to Marcelo on church on Sunday just really upbeat and then all of the sudden, when he read it, the sprit was SO. STRONG. Honestly, it was like we were in this different world, and he started to cry. We went to their house that night and put the goals of working as a team with them so that they can make it to their goal, to be together forever - that everything WILL be worth it. Everyone was bawling. It was amazing. A Christmas miracle. Even though we basically told Maria she loved man more than God, it was full of love and the sprit, dont worry! :)

But yeah, basically a million things,  it's been awesome. I gave my testimony on Sunday because the ward thinks I'm leaving on Wednesday for cambios, and I cried the whole time. I love this ward, and I know God loves this ward so much. I needed to be here. Even though yeah it wasn't as fruitful as ovalle in terms of baptisms, I know I left it better than I found it and I know that Placilla left me better than it found me. I don't want to leave, I love it too much, but if I do have to leave, this Sunday put me at peace. 

Other than that, I love the mission. I can't believe 11 months have gone by already, and I said bye to Hermana Barros today :( So done with saying bye to old companions! But I'll let you know where I'm at next week.
Love you all so much, have an amazing week! happy new year!! :D

hermana hansen

hayley asked me to share the link to this video on her blog this week as it has meant a lot to her this season:

**Also, no photos this week, so I found some that members had posted on Facebook to use this week. :)  Not sure why the last one is so HUGE!**

Christmas eve dinner

Christmas eve with the family Burgos Sinchi

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner


At the December zone conference
Cute comps at family night
At a Christmas party

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