Monday, January 5, 2015

Nuevo año, nuevo sector... Hola de Chorrillos, Viña del Mar!‏


OH MY GOSH! I have way too much to say. Let's see how this goes, okay? But I'll tell you what you're all waiting to hear first, haha don't worry. I got CHANGED :( Seriously bawled when they called me and cried saying bye to everyone. But it's okay, I know that it's what's supposed to happen, and Hermana Watt replaced me and she's awesome, and I know I need to progress in other ways! But Placilla will honestly always have my heart. I love it so so much. 
BUT now I am in Viña! So I didn't go too far haha. I'm in a sector called Chorrillos with Hermana Evans from San Diego!!! Who I also got here with! We had the whole Atlanta plane adventure together, we were together for the longer Peru flight too! So it's just been SO nice to be with someone I already know. And I love her! 

I'm in a little branch, the sector is 100% hills, half of them straight up, and the first couple days my legs were KILLING me! It's better now, but that was a big shock after having completely flat sectors the whole mission haha. I don't know the sector very well yet, but I love it already! The view is beautiful, and the investigators are great, so I am way excited. Big plus, I got changed on new year's eve. There's the 3rd best fireworks show in the world and the biggest in South America that they do all along the coast of Valparaiso, Viña, and Con Con, and I COULD SEE IT FROM MY WINDOW! Dream come true! President doesn't let us go out to see it, but he said if any missionary could see it from their house, they could stay up to watch the show. Awesome, no? I was way happy haha. 

Besides that, the week has been great! It was sad saying bye to Hermana Page, I just love her so much. But she's still a hermana leader, so I'll see her at consejo next week and then once more 3 days before she goes home, so it's okay. 
Let's see, we have G here in Chorrillos, she is going to get baptized this month si o si, she just needs to quit smoking! She's gone from 15 a day to 1 every other day, and she really wants to be baptized, and we have the faith she can this Saturday. Pray for her!! Also J and C, a MARRIED young couple, so receptive, only problem is the marijuana plant in their front yard. Bummerrr hahaha. But it's fun. 
One of my zone leaders is Elder Tinney, my old district leader from a couple changes ago in Valpo!! So that's super fun. Our district is all the office people, one of them Elder Huntsman who was in Placilla with me for a bit! And Elder Brown is still assistant and in my zone, so it's like Valpo all over again haha. 

Honestly I have already seen miracles here though. Totally prepared contacts, even a last minute new year's eve dinner! the didn't have one, but we ran into a less active and they invited us over. Tender mercies. God loves us! I am super excited to be here, and I am really happy to serve in Viña in the mission Viña! I hope all is well at home, I love you all so much! :)

Hermana Hansen

PS: Also, just to reassure you, I totally embarrassed myself when I presented myself in the branch. Instead of saying i have been out for 11 months, I said 11 years. everyone was teasing me afterwards. So don't worry, Hermana Hansen is still embarrassing herself everywhere she goes, just like good old Hayley hahaha. Have a good week!
*Hayley hadn't been able to send photos the past couple of weeks, so she caught up this week by sending LOTS. :)  I am loving it! :)*
Fire in Placilla

Ward Mission leader Hermano Lopez and his dog

Surprise Christmas Eve dinner at the Lopez home

The Elders at Christmas Dinner 


 Christmas Stockings

Hayley and her District on Christmas Eve

Cute little Belen wearing Hayley's nametag and Hna. Page's shoes

Comps with Belen


Belen taking photos of the girls

Christmas Dinner with familia Burgos Sinchi

Decorating cookies on Christmas Eve

Cute Christmas companions :)    

Familia Ubilla and their kitties

Cute Martina

Saying goodbye to the Familia Ubilla

Zaida, Claudia's daughter
Saying goodbye to Claudia, a recently reactivated member

Famila Marchant - the twins were recently returned missionaries and good friends.  Their mother washed Hayley's laundry every week for FREE.   

Goodbye, Placilla!

New Year's eve fireworks in Viña del Mar!

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