Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dios nos contesta DE VERDAD‏

January Leadership Conference


Oh my gosh seriously this week has been INSANE. Honestly, there was just miracle after miracle, falling from the sky. Hermana Evans and I are SO excited and can't even wait to see what more is coming. But basically, I love Chorrillos, even though the hills are crazy and there are a million fleas, it's the best. 

Let me just fill you in on the best miracles, because we have to deep clean our pension today for interviews and we're already a little pressed on time haha. SO. First of all, remember how I mentioned G? She's been listening to the missionaries for like 9 months and just never gave up smoking to get baptized. She is AWESOME. So, we fasted with her on Saturday to Sunday so that she could quit so that she can get baptized on the 18th. And she did it!! Her first full fast! And then afterwards we came over to teach her and asked her about it and she said it's never been smoking, that was just an excuse because she felt insecure. But now she feels secure and she knows she won't smoke again and she's getting baptized next Sunday!! AHHH :) Seriously such a miracle!!

Another miracle: We were contacting and hadn't had too much success, and we were knocking one last door and they didn't answer for a way long time. So we started walking away and we heard the door open but then shut because we had left. We looked at each other and Hermana Evans said, "lets go back". So we went, and it was this woman named M A. She's a nice older lady, and turns out she raised her siblings and her own kids and her kids' kids and her great grand-kids, but now no one visits her or calls her except for one grandson. At first she was telling us that she's still okay with it, but then we said the first prayer and she was literally BAWLING. She said we were what she needed, that she had felt alone and to have us here and to pray and share with her, she felt the relief she needed and like a weight was lifted off her and like a new person. It was seriously SO amazing!! We explained to her that it was the spirit, and turns out that she has family and close family friends that are members and she trusts in our church more than any other. We are going back today, pray that she will accept being baptized!!

Other than that, we also found an old investigator that we haven't been able to find, M C, that is a little weird (but she gave us pan de pascua as a gift so it's okay haha).  And we had an awesome lesson with her, and she wants to be baptized to cleanse herself before God!! SO awesome! So she has a date for the 1st of February! Besides that we have just said things like "oh we just want to talk to someone to help G" and we just so happen to walk by the relief society president to talk to about her. And "oh we need to find more less active families to activate" and the branch president calls with an updated list with 12 new families that he doesn't know on it.... it´s been crazy. I am so blessed to be here. I can't believe how God is just controlling this work.

Also awesome, we went to consejo, and I got to see Hermana Page :) Love her so much! It was also one of the best consejos I have been to. The testimonies were amazing, especially from one elder, elder sherwood, who used to be assistant, that just made us all bawl. Everyone just talked about gratitude to God and to president more than anything. And then after president got up and said lets say a prayer and we all knelt down and he just waited in silence for a while and then said the most beautiful prayer! Seriously it reminded me of when Christ prayed for the Nephites, there are no words to describe it.There was not a dry eye in the room. 

Basically, I am so happy. I miss Placilla a LOT, but I am so excited for the work I have to do here in Chorrillos. It has been an incredible week, and I am so excited to see what else is going to happen! I know this church is true, and that God is a god of miracles. I love you all so much, have a great week!!!

hermana hansen

ps sorry for no pictures, i will send some next week i promise!!
*hayley wasn't able to send photos, so I found as many as I could on the mission blog from the leadership conference. *
Hayley and Hermana Evans at Leadership Conference


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