Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hayley had a friend that she baptized come and visit!

Hey family!

OKAY so this week was way good, again, and as always. Seriously being a missionary is just my favorite thing. Let's see... We had a replica of consejo, Hermana Evans' first one, but she did great. It's so weird, my zone is TINY!!! and we're the only hermanas!!! Coming from Valparaiso where there were also two other companionships and a big zone, I'm way confused haha. It's fun, but also way less participation, so we're gonna work on animating them a bit haha. But it's a great zone, I'm excited. 
We are seeing progress with G, she's seeing the changes in herself and is getting really excited about her baptism on Sunday!!! She smoked last Friday because there was a temblor at night (seriously, testing patience haha because there are SO many here! and this one wasn't even strong enough to wake me up!) 
And we just contacted, looked through menos activos, taught, retained, and just had a good week. I don't even know where to start with the miracles, but we are writing them all down every day and putting them in a jar, so that we can read them all at the end of the cambio and remember and just be happy! This week a ton of people gave us food, so that's always fun haha. 

Besides that, the work is going on! We had interviews with president, which is always awesome. But cleaning the pension was... an adventure. haha It's different from my last two super nice pensions, and as we deep cleaned it, we found out that the stains we thought could never come out... do come out. And the things that were beige... are white. So, after some intital shock, we got down to it and now it's beautiful. President was amazed hahaha. But it was nice to have interviews, I always get WAY nervous and it's always like 'you're great, keep doing what you're doing and you'll see miracles and then he leaves. Answers my questions and then he's out. I really hope that's what judgement day is like haha that I'll be way nervous and God just says: "good job. you did a lot better than you think you did, don't be so hard on yourself!" President DID call me a perfectionist though, and just told me to not be so hard on myself and just trust in the Lord, that I'm doing better than I think I am, and that I will see miracles. So, I'm way excited for the miracles to continue! 

So basically, everything is great. There's a funny recent convert, N who is an old woman that's always yelling at her recent convert son that's like 37 or something, and it is SO HILARIOUS. She's always like: "por favor bendice mi hijo porfiado que tengo" (bless this...I don't know a good translation but disobedient basically, but it sounds lame in English) in her prayers and tells him that he needs to go to church COMO HOMBRE! (like a MAN) Also, fun story, my companion has tooth problems so we went BACK to the same dentist place I basically lived at with Hermana Page! It was so funny, everyone recognized me and was like "HOW ARE YOU? Where's Abigail? Where are you? How was Christmas?" haha - I bet Hermana Evans was a little confused at why I knew them all so well, but it was also fun to see them all. 

Anyways, I hope you have a GREAT week, I love you all so so much!! :) Also Hermana Barros is getting married in February WHAT. Totally killing me that I can't go to her wedding. She's the best. 

hermana hansen

Hayley with her mission president and her companion
View of her new area, Chorillos

View of Chorillos

They found a cow wandering on a hill in their area!
View of Chorillos

Movie night

Movie night

View from her apartment

All three of these cute girls started their missions together:  Hayley, Hna. Watt & Hna. Evans

Hayley with her old companion, Hermana Page

Hermana Evans with the broken stand.  They use this display for street contacting

A rooster on the roof in her area

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