Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hayley with her package from Grandma Niki
Hey family!

This week.....I don't even KNOW! HUGE roller coaster. But first, what you all want to know, I´m still here in Chorrillos with Hermana Evans! My zone leaders changed, but Elder Tinney is now the mission secretary and so he´s still in my district and Elder Brock is my new zone leader and Elder Esquivia, the old assistant, is in my district now! Also, Elder Bojorquez, my zone leader that was part of the pmoney/peggy deal with Hermana Barros, is the new assistant!!! SO two of my favorite elders and two of my old Valparaiso zone leaders are assistants now, so I´m way happy. And Hermana Morris who came with me is in Placilla with Hermana Watt, so that´s just AWESOME. 

Okay this week. I have an awesome district, my district leader is now someone from my ward at BYU, Elder Flake! Way crazy how small the world is haha. But he´s great too! Hermana Evans is ALMOST done with all of her dental work, we spent a lot of time there this week.

Okay here is my sad news of the week, but at the same time, a miracle. The whole week, I have been WAY stressed out. I've been getting weird rashes from stress and muscle cramps and everything, and a lot of it was because of A! For some reason I felt really strongly that he was smoking, but we verified literally every day and he kept saying no no no. Everything was going great, and then on Sunday when he came to church he was sitting down and this crazy less active told him to get out of that spot because it was hers and he got really offended and just booked it. We went out and talked to him about it and he said he doesn´t want to deal with her so he was done. We were super sad, but then he came back and said no I will just ignore her. BUT by that point it was halfway through sacrament meeting, but it was fine. After, our ward mission leader and branch president were freaking out, so we were like just talk to him and you´ll see that he just wants to follow Christ! So the branch president called him in for an interview, and we went to principios del evangelio, but then A just storms in and says I´m out. And leaves. It was just the worst. So then we go in to talk to the branch president, and he said that A had a really bad attitude and just yelled at him and said am I getting baptized or not?? And president told him that is really up to him, and his conversion. And A just got mad and stormed out! Oh my gosh. It was crazy. But then our convert G who had to quit smoking told us that she has seen him smoking EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Talk about a slap in the FACE. It was hard, but you know what? I am so grateful for it. It was an answer to my prayers. I had such a strong feeling that he was smoking, and I didn´t know what to do about it, and had been praying a ton about it, and God just fixed it for us. It´s sad it had to happen, but I know that He is watching out for us! And we found we have a lot of support from the branch president and mission leader, because they talked to us after and said they love the missionaries in their ward because we work hard and have the most investigators Chorrillos has had in years, and that they are here to help us. It was so great in the end. We are going to keep teaching A, but start from square one again, and see if he is ready to humble himself and repent. 

BESIDES THAT, a less active who is endowed came to church and had an awesome interview with the branch president, and our investigator K came to church! So really, it was a good week, just with a hard let down on Sunday. But I know it happened for a reason, and know I have an even STRONGER testimony that God answers our prayers and takes good care of us. 

Fun news, on Valentines day (thanks for all the decorating stuff and food mom! we had a lot of fun with that :)) we had a ton of random surprises! A member we don´t know from another stake and her daughter bought us roses in the street, our investigator, L gave us a big chocolate heart, our convert G gave us stickers, we had tacos with homemade tortillas for lunch, and another investigator gave us alfajores!!! :) Seriously it was so awesome. 

Long story short, I am doing great. We have people progressing, and I love my district and zone and companion. It´s funny, when that whole thing went down, all I wanted was to be able to talk to you guys, Tori, or Hermana Page. It made me laugh! Love you guys, and thanks so much for always being there for me and supporting me! The church is true, God loves us all and really is looking out for us :) Have a great week!!

Hermana Hansen

Hayley's temporary comp while on exchanges

Some of the cute valentine's day gifts

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tratamiento de conducto #2 y más milagros.

No photos this week - so I am posting this as a shout out to Hermana Page who is HOME now! :)


So this week went well! We saw lots of miracles, a little bit of sun, a lot of fog, even more dogs, went to the dentist, and just had a bunch of fun. 

Hermana Evans got part one of her root canal, that was sad for her, but it wasn´t too bad! We have to go back for part 2 tomorrow and part 3 on Thursday, so we´ll see how it goes! Seriously I could be a dentist at this point how many times I´ve watched dental work here in Chile haha it´s too good. We also have 2 more bunk beds in our apartment now! We´re the only hermanas in the Viña zone, and we´re STLS, so they always stick hermanas in with us if they need somewhere to stay. So now we have four beds! WOO. 

Besides that, A PASSED HIS INTERVIEW WOOOO!!! He´s going to get baptized next Sunday!!! :) haha He is seriously such a miracle. I contacted him in intercambios 2 Saturdays ago and then we taught him the next day and now he´s getting baptized! And he is so awesome. We asked him if he feels like he´s changed since he started talking to us and he said yes and we asked him how and he said in a lot of ways, I'm happier than I´ve ever been in my entire life. SO awesome to hear things like that. The gospel seriously changes peoples lives and just makes them HAPPY. I love it.

Also, we had consejo (saw Hermana Page for the last time :((( miss her already!) It was way good! President is inspired. I am so grateful to that man! He changed my life, and keeps changing it. I KNOW that he is led by the spirit! So awesome. But afterwards, we had two hermanas stay in our apartment because of a bus mix up (after the assistants called us a million times... long story.) And they contacted while we were teaching and they found an antigua we´ve been looking for for FOREVER named S.  She is 10 and her family is all less active, but she wants to get baptized!! So they put a baptismal date with her,and then her and a lot of her family came to church on Sunday!! It was SO awesome :) Just have to make sure that they keep coming!!! 

What else... hmm.. I got sick this week.  I had a 101 degree fever at one point haha and was just way sick for about 3 days, but we still got stuff done and worked hard because my only symptoms were body aches, a fever, and fatigue, nothing else! Not even a stuffy nose. So don´t worry about me! :) And I´m 100% better now!

Besides that, everything is just continuing on! We´re doing really well here, I love it so much. I also have to say Tori Talbot is THE BEST for always sending me handwritten letters and just making my day when we get mail every month. love her love her love her. But, I LOVE Chile, LOVE the mission, and LOVE the gospel! I love being happy, and I know that the gospel is what is going to keep me this way :) Love you all so much, I hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Hansen

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hermana Evans and Hermana Hansen celebrating one year in Chile!

The day has come. A YEAR IN THE MISSION. What in the world. Yeah I don´t even know but I do know that I do not falta poco, falta mucho - and that´s all I have to say about that. Also this email is going to be way short because a lot of people wrote me this week actually (miracle, I KNOW) 

This week went really well though!! We found a bunch of people, we made resolutions to be EXACTLY obedient and went through the Christlike attributes test part of PMG and wrote down all the ones we want to work on as a companionship and put them up on the door and fasted to be able to do it on Saturday. Basically, we are going to be THE BEST missionaries in Chile Viña del Mar, most likely the world. haha But really, I´m excited about it, because I have seen how many blessings obedience brings!

Also my companion officially needs to get a root canal - BUMMER! Why am I doing this to everyone?! I feel so bad, but Hermana Evans is so awesome and just totally fine about it. More news, Gabriela got confirmed and A came to church! And he also still wants to get baptized in two weeks, so we´re hoping it happens!! The only problem is that we can only see him on weekends, so it´s a question of teaching him... and we saw him smoking, so we are teaching him about the word of wisdom on Tuesday haha. But besides that, the work is going on!! We´re focusing on making the branch more united, because there´s some big disasters happening. but our mission leader all of the sudden is super supportive and so we are going to CHANGE CHORRILLOS :) 

Besides that, I´ve had a good week! I´m way happy here in Chorrillos, The work is challenging but rewarding, we are seeing miracles, and I love my companion, so I really have no room to complain. Also we made homemade guacamole and tortillas and had quesadillas with doritos crunched into the melted cheese, so I´m a happy camper. Also we are going to subway today. What more can a girl ask for?!

I know the church is true,and that Christ lives! My companion and I are reading Jesus the Christ, and I´m getting pretty far in, and it is just incredible. He is an incredibly REAL person. I hope I can be as similar to him as humanly possible! Have a great week, share the gospel, and just choose to be happy :) I love you all!

Hermana Hansen

Hermana Evans prepping for the celebration

Happy One Year in the Mission!

Homemade tortillas for the celebration

Views of the sunrise from one of their daily runs

Hermana Evans on their daily run

A beautiful sunset

One of the huge spiders the girls keep encountering

Someone gave the girls food for "the golden years". :)

A photo of the dog who can always be found sitting on top of this car.