Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hermana Evans and Hermana Hansen celebrating one year in Chile!

The day has come. A YEAR IN THE MISSION. What in the world. Yeah I don´t even know but I do know that I do not falta poco, falta mucho - and that´s all I have to say about that. Also this email is going to be way short because a lot of people wrote me this week actually (miracle, I KNOW) 

This week went really well though!! We found a bunch of people, we made resolutions to be EXACTLY obedient and went through the Christlike attributes test part of PMG and wrote down all the ones we want to work on as a companionship and put them up on the door and fasted to be able to do it on Saturday. Basically, we are going to be THE BEST missionaries in Chile Viña del Mar, most likely the world. haha But really, I´m excited about it, because I have seen how many blessings obedience brings!

Also my companion officially needs to get a root canal - BUMMER! Why am I doing this to everyone?! I feel so bad, but Hermana Evans is so awesome and just totally fine about it. More news, Gabriela got confirmed and A came to church! And he also still wants to get baptized in two weeks, so we´re hoping it happens!! The only problem is that we can only see him on weekends, so it´s a question of teaching him... and we saw him smoking, so we are teaching him about the word of wisdom on Tuesday haha. But besides that, the work is going on!! We´re focusing on making the branch more united, because there´s some big disasters happening. but our mission leader all of the sudden is super supportive and so we are going to CHANGE CHORRILLOS :) 

Besides that, I´ve had a good week! I´m way happy here in Chorrillos, The work is challenging but rewarding, we are seeing miracles, and I love my companion, so I really have no room to complain. Also we made homemade guacamole and tortillas and had quesadillas with doritos crunched into the melted cheese, so I´m a happy camper. Also we are going to subway today. What more can a girl ask for?!

I know the church is true,and that Christ lives! My companion and I are reading Jesus the Christ, and I´m getting pretty far in, and it is just incredible. He is an incredibly REAL person. I hope I can be as similar to him as humanly possible! Have a great week, share the gospel, and just choose to be happy :) I love you all!

Hermana Hansen

Hermana Evans prepping for the celebration

Happy One Year in the Mission!

Homemade tortillas for the celebration

Views of the sunrise from one of their daily runs

Hermana Evans on their daily run

A beautiful sunset

One of the huge spiders the girls keep encountering

Someone gave the girls food for "the golden years". :)

A photo of the dog who can always be found sitting on top of this car.

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