Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tratamiento de conducto #2 y más milagros.

No photos this week - so I am posting this as a shout out to Hermana Page who is HOME now! :)


So this week went well! We saw lots of miracles, a little bit of sun, a lot of fog, even more dogs, went to the dentist, and just had a bunch of fun. 

Hermana Evans got part one of her root canal, that was sad for her, but it wasn´t too bad! We have to go back for part 2 tomorrow and part 3 on Thursday, so we´ll see how it goes! Seriously I could be a dentist at this point how many times I´ve watched dental work here in Chile haha it´s too good. We also have 2 more bunk beds in our apartment now! We´re the only hermanas in the Viña zone, and we´re STLS, so they always stick hermanas in with us if they need somewhere to stay. So now we have four beds! WOO. 

Besides that, A PASSED HIS INTERVIEW WOOOO!!! He´s going to get baptized next Sunday!!! :) haha He is seriously such a miracle. I contacted him in intercambios 2 Saturdays ago and then we taught him the next day and now he´s getting baptized! And he is so awesome. We asked him if he feels like he´s changed since he started talking to us and he said yes and we asked him how and he said in a lot of ways, I'm happier than I´ve ever been in my entire life. SO awesome to hear things like that. The gospel seriously changes peoples lives and just makes them HAPPY. I love it.

Also, we had consejo (saw Hermana Page for the last time :((( miss her already!) It was way good! President is inspired. I am so grateful to that man! He changed my life, and keeps changing it. I KNOW that he is led by the spirit! So awesome. But afterwards, we had two hermanas stay in our apartment because of a bus mix up (after the assistants called us a million times... long story.) And they contacted while we were teaching and they found an antigua we´ve been looking for for FOREVER named S.  She is 10 and her family is all less active, but she wants to get baptized!! So they put a baptismal date with her,and then her and a lot of her family came to church on Sunday!! It was SO awesome :) Just have to make sure that they keep coming!!! 

What else... hmm.. I got sick this week.  I had a 101 degree fever at one point haha and was just way sick for about 3 days, but we still got stuff done and worked hard because my only symptoms were body aches, a fever, and fatigue, nothing else! Not even a stuffy nose. So don´t worry about me! :) And I´m 100% better now!

Besides that, everything is just continuing on! We´re doing really well here, I love it so much. I also have to say Tori Talbot is THE BEST for always sending me handwritten letters and just making my day when we get mail every month. love her love her love her. But, I LOVE Chile, LOVE the mission, and LOVE the gospel! I love being happy, and I know that the gospel is what is going to keep me this way :) Love you all so much, I hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Hansen

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