Monday, April 28, 2014


Hayley wearing her chicken pox with a smile

Hey family!!

So this is going to be a pretty short email, because this week, I had VARICELA. For those of you that don´t speak Spanish, chickenpox. YEAH THE WORST. So basically I stayed inside literally the entire week hahaha - so lets just say preach my gospel and I are pretty good friends. 

HERE´S MY NEWS. Hermana Puertas left me :((((((((( Seriously so sad. I cried when we got the call. Hermana Lopez is here with me now, from the Dominican Republic! She´s pretty good, very positive and works hard which I like, but she treats me like I'm 5 - so that's rough sometimes haha. But hey, it´s still a good time!!! 
"A" got confirmed on Sunday (I escaped the house bahahahaa :)) and that was amazing, and our branch president had a huge long meeting with us because he recalled our mission leader (our mission leader literally quit last week hahaha - too great. but now he's back!) and it was really good, we have a solid branch mission plan now and are planning on becoming a ward before the year is out!! YEAH! :) 

Basically, that´s all that happened besides me being covered in itchy red spots and reading Preach My Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and watching literally all of the LDS videos that we have in the house. Oh and I cleaned the entire house!! Haha  - but honestly, I learned a lesson about patience, and TODAY I GET TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AND PROSELYTE AGAIN WOOHOOOOOOO. Look out Ovalle, now I have Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon memorized,  you're about to get CONVERTED! Haha! 
I hope you guys had a good week, love you all!! :)

Hermana Hansen
* I asked Hayley about the chicken pox and this is what she said: "yeah it was bad. i hardly slept because it itched so bad (i had a bunch in my head, neck, upper body, and all the way to my knees!) and i had a fever a couple of the days, but don't worry, the sisters in the ward were AMAZING. all 7 that attend regularly visited me and brought me things and told me things to do to help (which i didn't eat or do a lot of them because they were a little sketchy haha) but it was good!"
She had the chicken pox vaccine as a child as well as the booster, but maybe the "Chilean" chicken pox are stronger. :) *
Saying "goodbye" to Hermana Puertas

With C, M, and A

Making completos for Noche De Hogar with M.

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  1. Chicken Pox are the worst!!! I'm so sorry she had to go through that. What a positive attitude Hayley has! She is so inspiring.