Monday, April 14, 2014

se va... se va... PERO NO. LLEGÓ EL MAESTRO.‏

This week was AWESOME, we did so much, totally night and day compared to last week haha it was awesome!!! SO many miracles it was insane, i can´t even explain it. and we have two investigators with baptismal dates, YEAH. 

okay lets see where to start... we had our last district meeting as this district, and one elder (elder fuimaono) is going home after this transfer and two others are probably gonna change (elder wilkes my dl and hna puertas my companion :((() we had a testimony meeting and MANY tears were shed. but it was really good at the same time. i have had the best luck with districts, no lie, love everyone in my district and am a little nervous for cambios next wednesday not gonna lie haha. we had intercambios again, and again it was full of miracles! BUT i lost my voice, it was the WORST. for two whole days! and as a missionary, the work is a little rough without a voice haha but it was fine. i still have a little cold but it´s not bad. 

anyways i want to put this in here. i have such a strong testimony of joseph smith. i don´t know what it is but every time i or my companion teach the first vision the spirit is INCREDIBLE. more than i can handle. it´s amazing, the church is so true and the gospel is amazing. 

on a different note, there´s a video that my companion and i have seen probably around a thousand times now in the past two weeks called el toque del mano del maestro or the touch of the master´s hand about this old violin and how it relates to the worth of souls. and HOLY COW we have it memorized, no joke, it is so so so hard not to laugh while watching it because we always say se va.... se va.... PERO NO. yikes i just realized that this is probably not interesting for anyone but me, i apologize for taking up your time with that haha ANYWAYS. the mission is amazing, it´s honestly better every day and my spanish is actually improving!! WOO. hablo español! :) hope you guys have a great week!!!

hna hansen
Hayley and her district

Hayley and her district

Cooking dinner - noodles and hamburgers

Hayley's cute little house

View from her home

Hayley and Hermana Puertas

Silly Comps

Hayley and Hermana Puertas

Eating completos
 Completo (hot dog)


District friends

Apple from Washington!

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