Monday, April 27, 2015


A view from where Hayley lives


So first off, Hermana Evans and I are just EXHAUSTED recently. So we've been kinda loopy, Hermana Evans just yelled preach my chicken wing the other day when we were a little frustrated. Oh gosh. BUT, everything has been going great!!! Not too much has been happening, we had to leave a few people, but we are working our hearts out to find the elect here in Chorrillos!!! 

Basically, this week we had to do the stand, which is this stand with these huge posters with questions of the soul that the Book of Mormon answers. We went downtown to the Plaza de Viña and did it for hours this week, so it was a lot of working outside of our sector and giving referrals to other sectors! BUT it was really cool. We felt like we really helped a lot of people, because we were able to talk to a LOT. Something cool we did is counted how many people walked by with a smile on their face. We counted about 20 in all that time! But, whenever we said hi, they would always smile. It was so cool!! We really felt like we were helping other people have a better day and feel happier, whether they stopped and talked to us or not. 

We have found a couple new people, and we FINALLY saw T again!! She's doing way better, but is not as receptive because of all the stuff she has been going through :( But by the end of the lesson, she had opened up again!! Hopefully she can get baptized soon. 

B is also progressing crazily, we went to teach her on Monday (she didn't go to church because she was sick). We went downstairs to teach her in her room so she wouldn't have to get up, and she just says "hermanas, I made a decision - I'm not going to smoke anymore."  It was SO COOL!! :) She felt like she couldn't breathe while she was sick, and that hadn't happened before she was sick and she doesn't like feeling out of control of her body. So, God answered her prayers and ours and she decided to quit!! Seriously, it is amazing seeing the miracles that God makes happen left and right :)

Besides that, this week has been good! Intercambios, work, and a bit more cold weather than before. But, I still love being a missionary SO SO much, this work is amazing. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be here, and I really am going to make the most out of every single minute!! I love you guys so much, and I hope you have a great week!!! :) 

hermana hansen

A view in Hayley's area

Another pretty view
Gabriela with her puppy

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The hardest thing I´ve ever loved‏

Hayley didn't send photos this week, so here is a screenshot from the countdown I have on my phone.  On Monday, we hit double digits!  Yay!
Buenas tardes familia!
This week was a little crazy, it was awesome though!! I´m just gonna share a couple miracles that happened...

FIRST OFF, I had contacted this less active in a colectivo the other day, S, he was the driver and said his family had just moved from Santiago and that he wanted to take them to church! SO he said we could come over in the morning. We went and taught his wife, J, who isn´t a member and she is GOLDEN. She wants a happy and secure family, and we are just so happening to be studying in the book of mormon the answers all the cards from that are the questions of the soul, and that´s one of them! SO we just whipped out a bunch of scriptures and examples and the spirit was really strong!! Her son also isn´t a member, Al, he´s 13 and really cool. Afterwards she was just so happy and kept talking about how peaceful and relaxed she felt after talking to us! AH! For all missionaries who have seen the district, she also has a little girl, it´s basically the Robles family. BUT we haven´t been able to find them after that, it looks like they traveled, please pray we can find them again!

ALSO we found this girl, R, the other day contacting and her cute little daughter, and she said to come back on Sunday afternoon when her boyfriend was going to be there (they live together, yes, but they´re going to change when they learn the law of chastity). SO we went back, he was pretty weird because he´s had all these weird experiences and goes around healing people supposedly, so we were kinda like uhhhh yeah we´re out. BUT. We showed him the Book of Mormon and he got REALLY excited! He said that he and R had been praying for a book of truth just the other day, and now we were giving him one.... WHAT. And then, after, he asked if the temple in Santiago was ours, and we told him yes, and he said that he had a dream that he went in the temple and went to the basement and saw someone taking the most important parts of a lot of books to make them one book... Basically he saw Mormon. We told him that´s what the book of Mormon is, and the spirit was SO strong, and he was just like wow... This is so crazy. BASICALLY, it was awesome. He´s either crazy or is going to be a general authority, no sé. It was SO COOL!

Besides that the week went way well, Hermana Evans and I just laugh all the time and have a lot of fun. We are finally going to be able to see T tomorrow, and D is probably getting baptized next Sunday! Also B is progressing little by little... Also with all of our new investigators! We´re just hoping and praying that the progression continues, because that seems to be the problem here in Chorrillos, tons of progress and then they disappear!

Okay I just have to share something super quick! On Thursday, we had our coordination meeting with my ward mission leader, and he got there late so we were waiting outside the chapel, and it was right as the sun was setting. Seriously, it was SO gorgeous. I am in the most beautiful place in the world. I love chile. But it was the most beautiful moment. I just felt that extreme wonder and gratitude for being able to be a missionary in this place and at this time. I know that sometimes my sectors have been a little rough, the mission is hard, but I have grown and progressed so much and seen the growth and progress of SO many people. And honestly, I don´t feel like the mission is hard, even though I KNOW it is! My heart is full. I am so happy here. I think the mission is a taste of what the Celestial Kingdom is going to be like. There´s a scripture that i read the other day that I just LOVE.

Alma 5:7  "
Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word...''
I know that during my time here, my Heavenly Father has changed MY heart and awakened me out of my deep sleep. I have felt the illumination of my soul, and I am so eternally grateful for the miracle of God´s plan. It is so perfect, and so incredible. I don´t ever want to forget, and I just want to keep the sacred covenants that I have made and please my Father in Heaven. I hope that you all have had a great week, I love you guys SO much!!!
*also shoutout to mali grace for getting on varsity cheer!! :) love you!
Hermana Hansen

Monday, April 13, 2015

un poco más que un año!

A dead tarantula they found on the side of the road!

Hey family!!!

How´s it going?! Not okay that you guys went to the Cayman Islands without me, but I´m not even sad about it because there´s no place I´d rather be than Chile! Not even lying on that one, because I am SO happy here :) 
Sorry my emails are always so lame, I always think I have so much to tell my family!!! And then time comes to write, and.... I forget everything haha but honestly one thing that I will NEVER forget is that I am so extremely happy here. I can´t even begin to tell you! 
This week I have had a nasty stomach flu that currently half the mission has, but we were still able to go out and work every day! We had interviews with President, who is amazing, and we have just worked HARD. I love it. 
My zone is awesome, we had a great zone conference, and really I am so glad for repentance and the atonement. Seriously, it just lets us be so incredibly happy and so free! Like my favorite talk of all time from last general conference by Jorg Klebingat, it lets us retain a remission of our sins and be perfect in our sphere despite our weaknesses. I just want to share this with the whole world! I have seen a lot of blessings and promises be fulfilled from my patriarchal blessing this week, and I just want it to keep happening. I know that by living the gospel fully, joyfully, and with all your heart, might, mind and strength, miracles happen and something like magic exists! 
I really hope you all had a great time on vacation, I love you all!!! Pray for T, she´s still sick.  We have found a lot of new investigators, including FINALLY teaching this recent converts son! And he is interested in our message! :) I am so excited. 
I hope you have a great week!!!
Hermana Hansen 

My mission president showed us this AWESOME video about the ten commandments, I love it! watch it! 

Just for fun, my top ten conference talks:

Their friend Thiare resting with her kitty

Pretty house in Vina.

A sweet friend made them an Oreo cake!

Monday, April 6, 2015

conferencia GENIAL!!!‏

Hayley, her comp and her Paris study abroad friend's little brother! 

Hi family!

This week went way well! And it went by WAY fast. Seriously, I feel like time is just constantly slipping out of my hands.... We´re already in week 3 of the cambio! What is THAT. But it was a great week even though there wasn´t too much time to work!

Cool awesome MIRACLES, remember B? who has problems with drugs? On Monday we taught them and we left her Alma 40 to read because she had a bunch of questions about what happens after we die. We came back on Wednesday and she had read all the way to Alma 44!!! Which is UNHEARD OF. I´ve had very few investigators do that, and she is a 15 year old girl! I wouldn´t have done that at 15! She said that she had just never heard about that, and so she wanted to learn more and thought it was interesting so she kept reading until we got there. Seriously, such an answer to prayers! So we taught her the plan of salvation and she understood perfectly, she wants to know now if the church really truly has the priesthood so that she can get baptized. AHHHH. It was just one of those perfect moments. God really is preparing people!

Also, in intercambios with another hermana, we contacted this boy D who was super receptive! We passed by later with Hermana Evans and turns out they´re less actives that didn´t know where the church was and her boyfriend isn´t a member! And they want to start going to church!! AHH! And I know that if we hadn´t knocked their door that they might not have had that chance for a while. I honestly love moments like that, when the Lord leads you to where you need to be. I know that His hand is working constantly in my life and in the lives of others, and that miracles EXIST! :) 

Intercambios are so great. I used to be so nervous about being a good leader and about really helping them, but I know now that the best way to help the hermanas is to be myself and just lose myself in the spirit. I am NEVER the one teaching, it is the Holy Ghost! So all I have to do is create an atmosphere where the hermanas can feel comfortable and feel the Holy Ghost so that Heavenly Father can teach them what they need to know. Because if i am in charge of helping them and teaching them, I will fail! But He never fails!

Besides that, all is well here in Chorrillos! We still can´t get a hold of T, we are way nervous for her :(  But we are finding new people to teach, and it´s great! We also had consejo this week, which was AMAZING. seriously, I love President Kahnlein and Hermana Kahnlein so much. They are changing my life, and really just want us to have success as missionaries and hasten the Lord´s work. I am going to miss them SO much after the mission! But hopefully they´re moving to Salt Lake... :) I just know that everyone I meet here I had to meet to become a better person. 

ALSO, CONFERENCE!! Holy cow it was so amazing!! SO much about families and gaining a true testimony and enjoying the gospel! I loved the talk about the music and dancing, it´s so true. You can teach someone the steps, but they really won´t be able to feel the blessings until they can hear the music. Also I LOVED Kevin Pearsons talk!!! He cut down the whole WORLD and I love it. I´m just worried about President Monson :( He didn´t look too good and didn´t open or close. All of us gringos in the English room were way worried. I also loved how much it talked about the sabbath day, and no casual obedience. I feel like they really talked about things that are huge problems today! Remember that other people that can´t hear the music think that you are weird for dancing, but they are just missing out on the joy of the gospel! :) 

 For Easter, we made cute hard boiled eggs and decorated them for everyone in our zone :) They were all really happy about it! But really, I am just so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. For His hands that reach out to grab us like ´a lightning bolt in a summer storm´ in the midst of our fall of weakness, sin, sadness, pain. He really is our older brother who LOVES us more than we can understand, and He LIVES. He is not here, he is risen. I am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to share this hope with those who perish in the darkness only because they don´t know where to find the truth. I hope that I can really show the huge love that I have for my Heavenly Father and my older brother Jesus Christ through my obedience to their commandments and through my service to them - which is going to be much more than just the time I have left in the mission! 

I love you all SO much! I am so grateful for the eternal family that we have. He lives! And i will forever be amazed at the love He offers me and every one of you. 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hansen
The girls on Easter
The cute decorated eggs

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