Monday, April 27, 2015


A view from where Hayley lives


So first off, Hermana Evans and I are just EXHAUSTED recently. So we've been kinda loopy, Hermana Evans just yelled preach my chicken wing the other day when we were a little frustrated. Oh gosh. BUT, everything has been going great!!! Not too much has been happening, we had to leave a few people, but we are working our hearts out to find the elect here in Chorrillos!!! 

Basically, this week we had to do the stand, which is this stand with these huge posters with questions of the soul that the Book of Mormon answers. We went downtown to the Plaza de Viña and did it for hours this week, so it was a lot of working outside of our sector and giving referrals to other sectors! BUT it was really cool. We felt like we really helped a lot of people, because we were able to talk to a LOT. Something cool we did is counted how many people walked by with a smile on their face. We counted about 20 in all that time! But, whenever we said hi, they would always smile. It was so cool!! We really felt like we were helping other people have a better day and feel happier, whether they stopped and talked to us or not. 

We have found a couple new people, and we FINALLY saw T again!! She's doing way better, but is not as receptive because of all the stuff she has been going through :( But by the end of the lesson, she had opened up again!! Hopefully she can get baptized soon. 

B is also progressing crazily, we went to teach her on Monday (she didn't go to church because she was sick). We went downstairs to teach her in her room so she wouldn't have to get up, and she just says "hermanas, I made a decision - I'm not going to smoke anymore."  It was SO COOL!! :) She felt like she couldn't breathe while she was sick, and that hadn't happened before she was sick and she doesn't like feeling out of control of her body. So, God answered her prayers and ours and she decided to quit!! Seriously, it is amazing seeing the miracles that God makes happen left and right :)

Besides that, this week has been good! Intercambios, work, and a bit more cold weather than before. But, I still love being a missionary SO SO much, this work is amazing. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be here, and I really am going to make the most out of every single minute!! I love you guys so much, and I hope you have a great week!!! :) 

hermana hansen

A view in Hayley's area

Another pretty view
Gabriela with her puppy

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