Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quiero bautizarme

cute companions with Hermania
Buenas tardes familia!!!

FIRST OFF, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! :) It is so crazy that your last birthday was already A YEAR ago!!! But I hope you have a great day, I am thinking of you!! :) 

This week went really well, we were able to work A LOT and even though we didn´t find as many people as we wanted to, we saw a TON of miracles!!

First off, we taught B the other day. We found her crying in the street. She had fought with her boyfriend and her ability to live in the house she´s living in was in jeopardy.... so she was really sad. We went and sat in the outdoor tables of this random little local and taught her more about the atonement. She felt way better, and then said ´hermanas, there's something I actually wanted to tell you. I decided, I want to get baptized.´ AHHHH. It was SO awesome!!!! She is so amazing. Honestly I love her so much! I've never seen a 15 almost 16 year old that has her head on so straight. We have seen her change SO MUCH since we started teaching her!! And it all started when she started reading the Book of Mormon. It is so incredible how the gospel can change people... she is so very special. I am so excited for her!! 
Also, L came to church!! We hadn´t been able to get a hold of her on Saturday, so we thought she had traveled down to Rancagua, but then she and her less active son Diego showed up halfway through sacrament meeting and stayed the whole time!! She said that she had never felt so comfortable and happy at a church before, and that she is planning on making coming to church a habit. :) We are going to set a baptismal date for her tonight!!
ALSO we went to a less active family´s house (the dad used to be a counselor in the stake presidency... yikes) and we were teaching them and the dad said the closing prayer and prayed that the lord could help them return to church!! SO awesome!!! And Gabriela got a calling as YW secretary, she´s super excited about it, best convert EVER. And a less active girl that we´re reactivating got called as the YW activities coordinator!! Things are going so great, it´s awesome. Only bummer is, we are doing a TON of contacts every day, but Chile is literally just full of less active members.... if we do 20 contacts, generally like 15 of them are secretly less actives. But we know that we are  going to find the people that are waiting for us :) 

On another note, we had consejo on Friday. It was amazing. honestly, I love my mission president and his wife so much. They have changed my LIFE and keep doing it!! I know that half of the reason I had to come to this mission was to meet them. They are the most humble people I know, because all that they want to do is the will of the lord. And I know that that is what they do. and I love how much I learn from the other missionaries!! It´s just a huge spiritual feast,  and I love every second of it. 

Another thing, there are CAMBIOS on Wednesday!!! And we have this feeling that we are both getting changed..... yikes. There are big changes happening in the mission!! I hope I stay though, I really love Chorrillos :)  But I know that wherever I need to go the lord needs me! It reminds me of Hermana Page... it really doesn´t matter where I´m working, I just want to be working for the lord and enjoy every second that I have to declare the gospel and bring joy into the lives of those around me. It´s amazing, and the best experience I could ever ask for!

Anyways, I hope you guys have had a great week as well!! I love you all so so much. I´ll see you guys on SUNDAY! so crazy. I feel like we Skyped last week!! Have a good day!!!

hermana hansen
Hayley's sweet birthday message.
Hayley with "the stand".  It says "How can I find peace and happiness?"
Hayley with her friends Elders Hansen, Flake and Hamilton and Hermana Evans

Beautiful Chorillos

Hayley with her district
Saying 'goodbye' to Hermana Michaelis

Juan, Nora and Hayley

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