Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Birthday wish for mom


Okay first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! :) I hope it was a super awesome day!!! Second, what you´ve all been waiting for, SKYPE INFO. Okay this is complicated. It was gonna be Saturday at 2:30 chile time, because that's mothers day here in chile, but no it has to be Sunday we just found out!! So we´re in the process of changing it haha but I´ll let you know!! It´ll be Sunday probably around 3 or 3:30, but I´ll let  you guys know, yeah? okay deal.

HERE IS MY GREAT AND TERRIBLE WEEK. This is gonna be a long one, so hang in there. First the bad. My comp is a little rough, she is pretty disobedient but is my trainer and senior companion, so its hard for ME to obey sometimes because she´s not down. But I'm working on helping her out, it's just way awkward sometimes. But ya know, I TRUST IN THE LORD. Also super sad (which mom please send to hna puertas!!) Filomena, the old lady that we sang to a bunch and said funny things, passed away this Wednesday :(  It was weird, I almost bawled right there and then in the street when her son told me!! But it´s nice to know that she´s finally resting and in a better place, she was in a lot of pain before.

OK done with depressing things, on to MIRACLES AND HAPPINESS. First our investigator J and her family CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!! Poor J is more than ready to be baptized. She´s passed her interview twice and before she was punished she was more active then the members, but she was punished for bad grades and couldn't come the past few weeks. BUT miraculous change of heart by her mom yesterday!! They're all on the road to baptism, I´m praying so hard for them!! Also on Saturday Punitaqui (the area of two elders in my district) had the baptism of H!! He´s been so close for the past 2 months. The whole district has been thinking of ways to help him, and HE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! :)  It was so awesome. Elder Wilkes and I sang "cuando me bautice" together! Which is the baptism "i like to look for rainbows" song. It was great!! I sang the first verse in Spanish (and of course messed up a word because I´m Hermana Hansen but I´m over it) and then he sang the second verse in Spanish and then we sang together in English to end because H loves English!! It was awesome. Seriously love the elders in my district so much, but i do miss elder fui!! and hermana puertas </3

ALSO this week was interviews with the president!! Man I wish they happened every week. President Kahnlein is the best. I love him SO much. It really helped me so so so much!!! Also my new zone leader is from Guayaquil mom!! And his dad served in Quito!!! I forgot when sorry hahaha but how cool if you knew him?? And I've decided Ecuadorian Spanish is my favorite with Peruvian a close second. Maybe because I can actually understand them perfectly hahaha.

Last but not least, PERRO EN LA CAPILLA. On Sunday it was awesome there were a bunch of investigators at church, but one of them BROUGHT A PUPPY. hahahaha It was chaos in the chapel, and finally the primary president (who is awesome) picked him up by the neck and took him outside hahaha It was so great. Anyways, Spanish is coming along great and I´m hanging in there!!! The church is so true. I cant wait to talk to you guys and love you TONS!!!

con amor
hna hansen
Vista of Ovalle

Sunset in Ovalle

H's baptism

H's baptism (Hayley's new comp is on the far left)

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