Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Even though she was pixelated, it was AMAZING Skyping with Hayley on Mother's Day!


So hey again - haha - I just saw you guys but I still have a bit to say!! :) Here goes for my week. It was pretty hard still, but it´s getting better!! We had exchanges, so that helped out. I learned a BUNCH. We have 4 investigators with baptismal dates now and a lot of new investigators!! :) We are going to have to work really hard with these investigators so they really can get baptized, but hey, I´m not complaining :) The branch is awesome as always. I love the members SO SO much!!!

Bummer of the week - half of the zone got the stomach flu, including my companion and I, but WE SURVIVED :) - haha
Also, the other day this rando guy told us they were going to cut our light (electricity) because we have a lot of debt. But we called the mission and they were like he is crazy and probably not part of the light company! So long story short, WE STILL HAVE LIGHT :) woohoo!

Sweet moment of the week:  It was Mother's Day and everything, and my convert M lives far from a lot of her kids. So I got her flowers and a skirt to wear to church and we both wrote her letters :) When we gave it to her she totally cried!! It was the best. I love her SO much!!!

Basically it was the best talking to you guys, even if i could hardly hear or see you :) I love you all SO SO SO much, and I hope everything is still going well!! 


These videos are AWESOME, watch them!!!

Hayley missing her last companion, Hermana Puertas from Peru.

A personalized Mother's Day card for mom.   Cards from the kids are the BEST!

The sweet note that came with a treat handed out in Relief Society on Mother's Day

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