Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Perdí mi agenda.‏


Cute Hayley with her Gingerbread House

First off, it finally happened, Hermana Hansen lost her agenda. SO surprised it didn't happen earlier (and I think the rest of the world is too) but due to small miracles it was found by the dentist and I can go pick it up next week. :) 

BUT HEY besides that, it was a good week!! I have seen so many miracles! We still have had to go to Viña a bunch for my companions mouth - but we have now shared the gospel with like EVERYONE in the dentist's office hahaha. And I talked to the bus driver the whole hour back to Placilla and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! And he committed to go to church! He's from a different zone, but still :)

 A lot of other little miracles happened like that, I saw HUGE changes of heart in less active members. And that C is progressing like none other. He came to church without his wife for the first time and we found his doubt (he doesn't do everything 100% because he's afraid he's going to talk himself into believing instead of getting an actual answer). 
The member we brought with us bore an AWESOME testimony - that C is going to notice the difference, and when he has the answer, he's gonna know he didn't talk himself into it. Just like how he loves his wife but he knows he didn't talk himself into it. 
C is gonna take off for 20 days to spend christmas in Peru with his wife and daughter, but I'm hoping I'll still be here in Placilla when he gets back, because he's way close :)

We've found some cool new investigators, and we have some more area, really just amazing. We had the Christmas zone conference with president, and it was so awesome! I cried. The spirit was so strong. I am so happy to be here during Christmas. the sacrifice brings the spirit more. And what a blessing to share about Christ in this time of Christ? Honestly I have felt the spirit so much lately. The "He is the gift" video makes me cry every time. And I don´t cry EVER in lessons, but I already have a couple times. Oops. But the conference was awesome. We have only 2 key indicators now - baptism and total church attendance - and they're gonna do it in all of South America! I'm way excited for it. :)

Also fun fact, got to do intercambios with HERMANA BLUTH again! :) It was so fun. I love reliving MTC times, and so good to see her and how much we've progressed. I really am so lucky to know ALL the people I've met in the mission, I love all the missionaries I've met! And the people from Chile. It's gonna be rough to go home, so I'm making these last 8 months the best they can be! 

The church is true. trust in the Lord and he will show you everything you need, I promise. 
Love you all so much!! Merry Christmas soon!! :)


ps. the pictures are Martina and I , me and my ward mission leader having a picture war, and GINGERBREAD HOUSE that Hermana Page and I decorated (thanks mom!)
Hayley and Martina
Cute comps with their gingerbread house

Hayley's ward mission leader - having a picture war

Side view

Cute Hermana Page with the gingerbread house

Riding in the back of Felipe's truck

Riding in the back of Felipe's truck

Reenacting "perks of being a wallflower" scene
cute decorations

Ward Christmas party

Elder Oldroyd and Felipe

Elder Swindler and a recent convert

Musical chairs

Hayley and Hermana Page at Leadership Conference

Girls being silly at FHE ( a sweet member posted this on Facebook)
Another cute photo from Monday night's FHE - stolen from a Facebook post of a member in Chile.

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