Monday, December 1, 2014


Hayley in her Christmas pj's, glasses, and headband that I sent.  Such a cutie!


This week was way better! Honestly Hermana Page is so awesome. Obviously there are times that we don't get along, but that just happens when you live with people. She's helping me so much to become who I need to be here in the mission. And we're basically the same person, she's just the later on in the mission version of me. LOVE HER TO DEATH. 

The beginning of this week was rough, I was WAY sick with like bronchitis or something, but we went out and worked all day every day anyways haha. We're in the busqueda (search) for new investigators, so that means a ton of contacting! But it's been awesome to find new, honestly prepared people. I love finding people and seeing their face when they hear the hope that the gospel can give them! 
C is progressing mas o menos, but he DRANK the other day :(((( But I still have a lot of faith in him. Even if he doesn't get baptized with me, I just love him so much I hope he does get baptized one day! Y and her family are progressing still, but Y had to study a lot and so they couldn't come to church but they're still great! 

This week has basically just been good. I just want to work on really being a good disciple of Jesus Christ so that I can live up to my calling. I love being a missionary SO MUCH and I can't even believe that now TEN MONTHS have gone by!!! I just want to live up every second that I can. Love you all lots, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

con amor,

Christmas Hayley and Hermana Page
They stopped to teeter-totter

Hermana Page

View of Placilla


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