Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Seriously I feel like i was emailing you all yesterday. Time is ALREADY going by way too fast! But I guess time flies out here. The whole days are slow but weeks are fast deal is SO TRUE. Also, the pan (bread) here is SO GOOD but it’s so bad for you because it  has lard in it so I just sueño (dream) of it all day. And then eat 4 at dinnertime hahaha
Hermano Ceballos - new teacher

ANYWAYS let me tell ya a bit about my week! First of all, i have new teachers! Hermanos Ceballos and Navarrete, they're awesome. Hermano Ceballos makes us compete for Candy all the time and threw water on hermana Frandsen when she challenged him! But he's great haha trust me. Hermano Navarrete is great too, he makes our tall time way better when it's usually the worst. he has us march there singing battle hymn of the republic haha it's awesome.
Soccer injury
CONTINUING ON. the latinos mainly live at alcantara now and they don't live here with us here at the hospedaje, so there aren't as many latinos exercising with us in the mornings! SO Hermana Frandsen and I play soccer every morning now! ITS SO FUN. we actually do really well and we're some of the first few picked haha it shows you how bad everyone is when I'M one of the first ones picked! I play hard though, I got bruised the other day, I'll send a picture haha but I'm fine now. and hey it meant I was trying! 
Spanish Happy Hour
Mom I know you're wondering what I did for valentines day! First I got a card from grandma Kathy!! it was so nice!! my first letter here at the ccm! BUT the most exciting thing was I SAW CODY PAXMAN!! his mission includes the ccm and he and his companion were here with an investigator, I think looking at the temple, and he asked around the teachers until he found me! I freaked out haha and almost hugged him! it was so nice to see a familiar face. He's doing great too, so it's nice to know there's hope for us here at the ccm!! Hermana Doll also made her famous DELICIOUS cookies, so it was a good day! We only speak Spanish for 50% of our days now and have an extra Spanish "happy hour." it's funny because it says happy hour, 5-6 on our board at the ccm haha. it's getting crazy! I have a lot to learn.
OK now I have to confess! I've been sick basically since I got here. it didn't distract me from my classes, thank goodness, but I couldn't sleep well and was getting pretty exhausted. the doctors medicine wasn't helping, and I was getting worried, so I asked my district leader for a blessing and Hermana Doll gave me some sleeping pills and then I was just completely better the next day! and I haven't felt sick!! it was a miracle. I am so so grateful for the priesthood and the power of faith and prayer.
ANOTHER exciting thing, we had a surprise devo today!! we had 1 hour notice, and changed our pday because of it. President Rasband came and spoke to us! he and Sister Rasband met every single one of us and shook all of our hands, and said we can all say we've been interviewed by him now haha. it was amazing though, he answered questions the whole time and I think everyone was in tears. the spirit was so strong and it was a huge answer to prayer. read D&C 31, it's one of my new favorite chapters in the BOM now.
ANYWAYS, I love love love it here.  Santiago is amazing, and the ccm is even better haha. I laugh so much, and I have the best district, friends, companions, and teachers. It's hard work and way stressful, harder than anything I've ever done, but I get to devote my life to the lord and to bringing happiness to other people. And I am happier than I have ever been!! :) I love you all so much, and I pray for each one of you at least every morning and night!! :)
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Hansen
Hayley and her companions today

Fountain at the mall

Some friends - Elder Smith & Elder Rankin

The street Hayley lives on


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