Monday, March 24, 2014

"No, no tengo sueño"‏

Wowowow 2 weeks already in Ovalle, let´s talk about this one shall we? First of all, M GOT BAPTISED AND CONFIRMED THIS WEEKEND!!!! :))))) Best day(s) ever!!! I really understand the whole how great shall be your joy scripture now. She is so awesome! I spoke at her baptism too, so scary but it went well i think!! That´s the biggest news haha

Here we haver lunch with the members because lunch is the big meal here! It´s always good, but they feed us SO MUCH and then afterwards they´re like wow hermanas you hardly ate anything as I´m about to  puke haha but hey better than starving am I right?? Voy a engordar pero está bien.

Our investigators are all doing well! We had quite a few at church on sunday, and a couple came to the baptism too!! Hna Puertas and i are hoping for one more baptism this cambio, i think it´ll happen :) The spanish is coming along too!! I´m actually speaking and teaching in lessons now, not a lot but about a third, because i can actually grasp what´s going on! Chileans talk fast man. Thank goodness i can always understand hna puertas, her spanish is so pretty! Honestly though how much spanish i can speak and understand is SUCH a blessing.

The weather is finally starting to cool down a bit, i have a mad weird tan lines after just this little amount of time haha but i´m sure in a couple months ill be BEGGING for it to be hot again!! FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK: hna puertas and i visit this really old lady that´s bedridden about 3 times a week to sing hymns to her! we went on wednesday and about halfway through she started SNORING hahaha we were laughing so so so hard and she was just sleeping away. Right as we were about to leave, she woke up!! Hna puertas asked her if she liked it and she said yeah!! and so i asked if she was tired and she said no, no tengo sueño (no i´m not tired) and let me tell ya, it was SO hard not to burst out laughing right then and there hahaha it was a good time. 

Anyways, my companion is great, my district is the best, love the branch and the members. This work is SOOO hard, but great too. LOVE YOU ALL and i hope everything is going well!! :)

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