Monday, June 9, 2014


Hayley with her little buddy A


Yup cambios came and went and I´m still here with Hermana López, WOOHOO. Seriously so glad that I´m still in Ovalle, I was way scared for a little because everyone thought I was going to head South! But nope, only 3 people left the zone AGAIN. So that means that probably half the zone is leaving after this cambio, and there´s a high possibility that I am also out of here after this, so I´m going to make the most of this cambio!!

My district leader, Elder Wilkes, stayed for his now SIXTH cambio here! haha - we all laughed so hard, that´s like 9 months basically in the same sector. But I love my district so am way happy that nothing changed. ANYWAYS - we´re headed to Viña del Mar tomorrow, but we have to be at the chapel tonight at 3 IN THE MORNING to take the bus for six hours to get there by 9 for the conference at 10. And then we get on a bus again at 1pm and then head back and get here around 7pm again and have to go out and work again. YEAH MISSIONARY WORK! But I´m way excited to see the whole mission and hear the seventy speak, so I´m okay with it.

Anyways, this week has been okay. We didn´t have a lot of success this week because Hna Lopez really wanted to participate in this activity that our branch was putting on for the district. So we lost a lot of time with that, but it was good because the members love us even more now! And also IT RAINED HERE!!! Tuesday and Friday!!! Which is a miracle!!! Ovalle has been in a drought for a long time (it´s all anyone talks about hahaha) so everyone was pretty happy.  It only rained a little, but this is a good sign that it´s going to rain more this winter! woohoo! 

Funny story of the week, I locked us out one day, YIKES! The branch president´s wife came over to ask us a favor and I  thought I had the keys so I shut the door and realized I DIDN´T HAVE THEM. Hermana Lopez climbed over the house and got in through the back door that I had thankfully left unlocked hahaha - it was bad. GO HERMANA HANSEN. But it all worked out so i´m happy!

I just want to end with saying that I know with all my heart that the Lord answers prayers, and that this gospel is possible. It´s in our favor. We can really do whatever thing the Lord asks us, and I know this for sure, from experience! I love you all so so much and I hope you have a great week!! :)

Love, Hermana Hansen

Hayley with N, one of her investigators

Hayley and her comp dressed up as Ursula's eels for a church play

Hayley & comp as eels

The little mermaid
Noche de Hogar (family night) birthday party for M's granddaughter


  1. Your sweet girl! I love to read her testimony!

  2. Thanks for sharing Hayley's "brightness." I love her enthusiasm and positive spin on every experience. She's a great example to me!