Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let the adventure begin!

Well, we said goodbye to Hayley yesterday.  It was a rough day, especially for mom.  She was to fly to Atlanta, and then after an hour layover, fly down to Chile last night.  Well, we watched her flight status get delayed again and again until it was delayed 15 hours!  We had no idea what was happening, but finally received a phone call from Hayley around 10:30pm.  They had been delayed, then boarded the plane, taxied for 2 hours, and then came back. Fortunately, she was with 13 other missionaries. They were told they would fly out in the morning and had to sleep on the airport floor.
Today, they waited for updates, contacted the mission travel office and after several hours, are now on a flight to Peru.  They will arrive in Peru around midnight, stay there for 8 hours, and then finally fly to Chile.  We are praying for safe travels and eagerly await the email letting us know she has arrived in Chile safe and sound.


  1. What an adventure! Those poor missionaries are going to be exhausted! I'm glad they had each other.

  2. It has to have been the weather. Ice storm, record low temperatures, school children stranded at school and sleeping there. And the poor missionaries in the middle of it all. Hermana Hansen is going to have quite a story to tell.