Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tres Leches ( TRIO ROUND 2 )‏

Hey family!!!

The rumors are true, there was a huge fire in Valpo, there was ash and everything falling here and SO much smoke and it was so hot, but I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! So if you can investigate and let me know, that would be awesome :) But, I am totally fine! I think only forests burned, but I am still so scared for Valparaíso which I love so much!!! :(

Smoke from the fires in Valparaíso
Besides that, this week has been crazy. Investigators are going good, D came to church and so did O, and S has a baptismal date!! So does D, and O is going to have one tonight when we see her :) We lost track of T, we called her and passed by and everything and can´t find her :( She didn´t come to church, but we´re hoping we can find her so she can get baptized Sunday instead of Saturday, because she accepted the word of wisdom and everything!! She is so prepared. Let´s hope it goes well!

We had zone conference, which was AMAZING. Honestly, I have the best zone in the whole world. I love them so so much. And best surprise in the WORLD, we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!! AHHH!! President is just like we´re going to do something different and we go up on the stage and they have this HUGE screen and projector and all these chairs set up with soda and popcorn on them :) It was like going to the movies!! And the movie was great, so we were the happiest missionaries in the world. I got a HORRID headache again, but I took medicine and it went away just in time for Hermana Evans and I to do our zone trainings. It went really well, Hermana Kahnlein even came up after and congratulated us on how well we train :) I really love doing it, because it´s so cool to see how the spirit uses us to train the zone in what they need! And it was cool to see that the Assistants trained on the same thing (we all got to choose what to train on) but in a different way, so it was nice to see how the spirit works through all of us.
President and Hermana Kahnlein are the best in the world. I just have to say it. I love them so so SO much. They have changed my life. I am so happy because of the examples they give me and what they have taught me. I am so grateful for what I have learned about obedience and really consecrating yourself to the Lord, and doing HIS will. 
I´m going to tell you a little more about them: They, to come on the mission, sold EVERYTHING. Even their house! They came here not knowing what would happen afterwards, but trusting that God would help them to know what to do. They have given everything. They help missionaries that don´t have enough money to pay for medical things that they can´t afford that the insurance doesn´t cover. With clothing that they can´t buy. Guided by the spirit through every path. I think that is what I am the most grateful for, I know that President is 100% guided by the spirit, and that he will do nothing against God´s will. Ever. I hope that I can be like them one day, and that I can be as good of an example of Christ as they are, so that maybe I can help someone in the way that they have saved me. 

Anyways, sorry, I just had to put that out there. BUT, there´s crazy news this week. EMERGENCY CHANGES! We are now in a trio here in Chorrillos. We´re with Hermana Huaccha. There was an emergency change because of obedience problems and so she was put with us so that we could help her out. It´s been crazy, but a lot of fun at the same time! I just hope we can help her out.  FUN to be reliving trio days and reminiscing about the MTC!

I am so grateful for this work, and for Jesus Christ. I know he lives, and that this is his true church here on the earth, and that this gospel brings us more happiness than we can even imagine!! I hope you guys have a great week, and know how much i love you all!!

hermana hansen
The girls with their new companion

A cat in the internet cafe

March Zone Conference
Smoke from the fires in Valparaíso

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