Monday, March 30, 2015

solo el que trabaja se siente FELIZ‏

Hayley found a Chuck Norris CD in a woman's home they were visiting!


So good news, Hermana Evans and I are together here in Viña for change 3!!! My first companion to be with for 3 changes!! But she´s great and we work way hard and have fun together, so we´re way happy. We feel like we´ve only been together for like a change, so lets go! 
Hermana Huaccha is now in another sector, but she´s still in one of the zones that we do intercambios with, so I will actually still work with her! She changed a lot in the time we were with her. I love being able to help people change!! It´s the best part of the mission, honestly. It doesn´t matter who it is, but seeing positive changes in the lives of others because of the gospel of Jesus Christ just makes me so happy. One of my favorite hymns is ´have i done any good in the world today?´and we sang it the other day at church! I don´t remember the words in English quite honestly haha but one part in Spanish says ´solo el que trabaja se siente feliz´, meaning only he who works is happy. Which I know is true!! Working for the lord and making sure you are doing good in the world every day is the key to everlasting happiness. I am so grateful for this chance to learn and grow and more than anything, to be HAPPY! 

Headache update: getting way better. I´m not gonna get a scan for now because Hermana Kahnlein says it´s going to be really expensive for me and complicated and also the medicine is helping, so we´re going to hold off unless something changes! 

BUT besides all of that, everything is going well in Viña!! T, our gold investigator, is very very sick. She is skinnier every day and can´t get out of bed a lot of the time. We are praying for her a LOT, she is only 53 and an amazing person! Our ward mission leader´s mother in law died this week and I directed the music at the funeral, it was really interesting. Very sad, on the one hand, but also incredible to see the difference between how the members of the church were acting and the others. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have of eternal families, and that we really never lose anyone! The gospel is full of hope and happiness, which we should especially remember this time of the year :) 
Crazy stuff, there was also an INSANE thunder and lightning storm. It woke us up at 4am!! We had a crazy view of tons of lightning falling in the sea, and every boom was like a small earthquake!! It was so cool.  But everyone here is STILL freaking out about it, because it never happens here. We just thought it was fun!

We are teaching our convert Gabriela's brother. He is awesome and wants to get baptized but is afraid that he won´t be able to quit drinking. So we are helping him with that! But he will get baptized soon. Also our friend D showed up to church and he has a baptismal date for the 11th of April!! Let´s just hope we will be able to find him again haha he´s always walking around the cerro. M and B are doing well, but they didn´t come to church :( Hopefully they will soon, because it breaks my heart to see little kids addicted to drugs, especially because they have never EVER been taught about god! 

Besides that, we had a ward activity, we were in charge and did "minute to win it"! It went really well. The whole branch is celebrating that Hermana Evans and I stayed together, I guess we have really made a connection here! :) I am just so glad to be a missionary, and so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed! Don´t forget it EVER. I hope you all have a great week, and that you enjoy General Conference! I, personally, cannot wait :)

Love you!!
Hermana Hansen

Hayley & Thiare

FHE with some recent converts and investigators


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