Saturday, March 14, 2015

Diga no a Coca Cola.‏



This week was good, I enjoyed it quite a bit, as always!! We got cute piggy banks from the first counselor in the branch presidency on Monday, so you know I was happy! Made me think of the Peggy days with Hermana Barros... TOO GOOD haha. Tuesday consejo, which is always amazing! BUT big bummer.... on Tuesday I had a horrible horrible headache! I don´t know what it was, neither did the nurse, but she made me take 3 Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen...I was out for 12 hours afterwards hahaha. But then I didn´t have a pain in my body!! :) I also had one Sunday but I just worked through it and went to bed after planning. But then I WOKE UP with the same headache.. but I took medicine so I´m fine now. But don´t worry about it too much, the nurse thinks that it´s part of this flu that is going around! So we´re fine :)

Besides that, we had a great week!! We keep finding new people to teach, not as many as at first, but still, all the time!! T really is our miracle. She said she knows that all we teach her is true, and we FINALLY got to teach her husband!! He says he´s not religious, that he´s a ´realist´, but he´s going to get baptized, I KNOW IT  :) Also T came to church and got a priesthood blessing! She loves the members and feels the spirit strongly :) Pray that she will be able to leave tea, coffee, and wine!!! If all goes well, she´s getting baptized on the 21st :) O is MIA, I don´t know how that happens to a 89 year old, but hopefully her life slows down in a little bit! Also we taught D, but he was drunk both times because his wife he´s divorced from came to visit... so we´re going to wait a little while on that one hahaa. 

Fun story, we can´t drink coke in the mission, and we were contacting this guy, and he says ´do you want something to drink?´ And we´ve been walking hills all day and it´s a million degrees so of course we say YES. But then as he goes inside to get us something, we remember that Chileans drink coke like it´s water. So we´re like SHOOT what are we going to do?! So then he comes back out with just one glass of coke, and my companion says coke makes me sick, can you fill my water bottle instead? and I said yeah that would be awesome! so then he took the water bottles inside to fill them and I just dumped out the glass of coke off the cliff. The things we do to obey... but we got water all the same. Good day good day!

Besides that, the work is going on great! it´s been really awesome to see everyone´s progress and my own progress!! I really do love mission work, it´s the best. I just know that I´m the happiest I´ll be in my whole life, because I am giving EVERYTHING to the Lord! :) But I also want to say, take advantage of being able to go to the temple!! This is the first year in my life since I turned 12 that I haven´t gone to the temple, and honestly, it´s a little sad and hard for me. And there´s people that it´s hard to EVER go to the temple! so, aprovechen, and GO TO THE TEMPLE :)

I love you guys so so much!! Hope you have a great week!! :)

Hermana Hansen
Birthday potato as a present for their zone leader

Silly companions

Flea bites - twenty seven of them!

Chilean cats lounging in the sun

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