Friday, March 6, 2015


Birthday wishes for Dillon and Mali


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DILLON AND MALI!!! :) I hope Mali had a great day yesterday and that Dillon has an awesome day today!! 16 and 18, HOLY COW! I can´t even believe it! When I left, Mali was still 14 and Dillon was still 16... yikes. Time goes by fast, no? I guess I´ve also been here for over a year now, so that makes sense haha. 

ANYWAYS, this week was once again just filled with miracles. I´m not going to go in to as much detail today BUT. We found ELECT people. Like for real. O, T, W... seriously, I can´t believe how many miracles I have seen here in Chorrillos. And Hermana Evans and I are just LOVING it :) But anyways,I'll focus on Sunday and our investigators with baptismal dates.

Sunday, two investigators came!! S, the daughter of a less active family, and T, a new investigator that we found this week! She´s amazing, she just got over cancer and wants to get closer to God.  We taught her Saturday and she came to church on Sunday and while we were looking at a picture of Christ she accepted a baptismal date for the 21st!!! AHHH :) It was so awesome. We also have a date with O, an old woman we found that is just AWESOME, she just moved here from Argentina and says that when we come she just feels happy and can´t put down the Book of Mormon!! We also found her this week. D´s date fell through because he forgot what day of the week it was and so he didn´t go to church (GOSH DANG IT) But he is going to go this next Sunday :) 

Besides that, we had a branch talent show! It was really funny, the elders quorum (all 5 of them) danced to "Greased Lightning" in too tight white shirts, black pants, and sunglasses. I was dying, to say the least. And, one of the many miracles of the week, when we finished we were going to be LATE!! Because usually it takes at LEAST 20 minutes to get all the way up the hill to our house. But, we just had to trust in the Lord and RAN up the stairs and hills, and we got up in 12. MINUTES. Oh my gosh it was insane. I know that in that moment, God strengthened us so that we could be obedient like we wanted to be. Crazy, no? He will ALWAYS provide a way for us!

Anyways, there are just a million miracles happening every day. I love it. I hope you guys always remember the infinite love that God has for his children, us, and that we will always have him to take care of us. Share the gospel in every moment, you never know who needs it!! I love you guys so much! Have a great week, and enjoy the birthday craziness!!

Hermana Hansen
One of their new investigators

Tan (burn) lines :)

Cute comps!

Luis, a recent convert
Elders Quorum "Greased Lightning" skit at the ward party

A Relief Society activity

Making mac & cheese
cute puppy

Memories from the Paris metro in her French study book
MC - an investigator

A full day of appointments

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