Monday, September 1, 2014

Viento viento, estoy contento(a)....‏

Birthday Girl with her first cake

Hello from.... VIÑA DEL MAR!!! hahaha Don't worry I didn't get transferred or anything, my comp just needs to go to the doctor so we're here in Viña for internet. It's pouring rain and the rain is crazy, we're soaked, but hey we're missionaries, right?? Hermana Barros and I SIGUEN JUNTAS (they are staying together as companions)! Everyone calls us crazy or the dynamic duo, take your pick, but we have six baptismal dates for the next three weeks so I´m not even mad. 

Lets see...this week. It started out awesome!! It was my birthday and it was so much fun!! First it was lame because Hermana Barros was in a way bad mood because her boyfriend didn't write her (GAH) and the bank ate her card, so it was way lame. But then we went to our ward mission leader's house, I watched your videos and we made the cake!! Then after we went to our investigator M's house with her kids, and they surprised me after we taught with a cake and candles and singing and everything! It was so cute and so fun :) 
After we went to a recent convert's house and they also surprised me with a bunch of members and investigators and it was way fun!! haha Hermana Barros smashed my face in the cake, i think Marcelo uploaded pictures on Facebook. You'll have to look at them!! And they bought me things and everything! So cute. I loved it. 

V PASSED HER INTERVIEW!! WOOO. She's getting baptized next Sunday!! Also we had intercambios, and I now understand why I got called as the sister training leader in this area and why I had to pass through with a harder companion. I love my calling, but it's hard to watch the sisters struggle sometimes. 

J came to church, C is going to finally pray specifically for his baptismal date, and we found our miracle family of 5 again and put baptismal dates with them!!! September is going to be a month of miracles, I know it. 

Basically, it's been a good week. The holy ghost is amazing and I love my calling as a missionary and a sister training leader. It's hard, but this gospel is so true and I love every minute of this. Seven months passed by way too fast, but all I can do is make the best out of the rest!!

Hermana Hansen
Making the birthday cake I sent her

Making the cake


Finished product

Happy Companions!

Party number one
Cute Hayley on the streets of Valpo
Hayley with a turtle
Birthday celebration number two!  Dulce de leche cake.

crazy kids

Party number 3!

Cake in the face!
With the guilty companion.
Hayley with the Elders in her ward

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