Friday, September 12, 2014

Podemos ir a la iglesia de Dios?‏

Reuniting with old friends at Leadership Council
So this week was a little rough, haha. We set the alarm wrong so we had to get ready in 10 minutes to go to leadership counsel with the president (STRESS) and then no one told us about the time change, so we got to church at what we thought was 10 minutes early, but really it was 50 minutes late... YAY FOR THE MISSIONARIES. But you know, it's all good now!!! haha

We did have a good week. We had intercambios and it was a good time, lots of hills, but hey I need the workout so I was okay with it haha. Consejo with president was so awesome!! We received a lot of revelation, including that we really will be able to have 6 baptisms this month. I know it. We just have to work a TON. And we also got to see Elder Bojorquez who left us, and it was like a family reunion!! Hermana Barros, Elder Bojorquez, Elder Pinillos and I are definitely meeting up again after the mission. 
Saturday, our ward mission leader's daughter had to come home from her mission because she's allergic to the mosquitoes there (and she was in the rainforest so YIKES). She hadn't been released yet, so she was with us the whole day!! It was so fun haha, she's really cute and an awesome missionary! 
We found our miracle family again, seriously they are going to be amazing because so many things have happened to them since we found them, and they are just amazing. They completely understood the restoration.  And M even asked us what church is that because I know that its the church of God!! Seriously so cute. And he came to church on Sunday even though the rest of his family couldn't because the dad got hit by a pole at work in the face (literally, it is SO scary). So the mom had to take care of that and Nicol was sick. I love them so so much!

OKAY AND V GOT BAPTIZED YAYYYY FINALLY!! :) So happy about it!! It was an absolute NIGHTMARE making it happen, but it happened. The ward mission leader wasn't really prepared, so that was stressful, and the bishop was going to baptize her, but he forgot to bring his clothes and went to go get them and couldn't find the pants! SO the elders had to run to their apartment to get clothes so one of them could baptize her... seriously the most stressful day of my LIFE. BUT, it all worked out!! Seriously, it's incredible how God's work isn't frustrated. And then V's mom (who´s been inactive for a while) bore her testimony about how much this means to her and how she is going to help V every step of the way and that she's never going to distance herself from the church again... we all cried. I love it SO much. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world. I have never made such a good decision. 
Anyways, I love you all, I hope you have an awesome week!!

hermana hansen Love it!! When we're afflicted, pray with faith, then get up running. It will all work out in the end.

V's Baptism

V's Baptism

V's Baptism
Pretty Peggy

Hermana Barros trying to stay warm and dry

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