Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hayley ready for the Asado


This week was good! We didn't get as much done as we would have wanted to, but we had a big activity AND it was 18 of September week partying, and everyone here in Placilla headed to Valpo or Viña or Santiago, soooooo.... yeah. But we still found miracles, GOTTA LOVE IT. 

On Wednesday we had our activity for 18! We had permission to stay for 2 hours because it's awesome to get referrals and all. It was a blast, and the food was DELICIOUS. I decided that I have to come back to learn how to dance cueca hahaha. Thursday was the actual day of 18 de Septiembre, and we were a little nervous, but it actually went way well! We had weekly planning in the morning, so that helped, and we got to have lunch with C and C!!!!! (C our investigator that is SO CLOSE) So we didn't eat asado or any typical food because she´s from Peru, but it didn't even matter haha. 
After we found a MIRACLE. We both felt impressed to visit this recent convert that had recently moved here, but we didnt have his exact address. BUT we went anyways and ended up finding it and his parents recently adopted two teenage boys and the boys are also recent converts but the parents arent members!!! But they've listened before and they told us they're ready to join the church. WHAT. But the dad works 7x7, in other words 7 days of rest and 7 days working in the north. So they went out of town for the last few days of the party week and then the dad took off, but we're going to see them tomorrow hopefully, just not the dad! MIRACLES. I am so excited for their sealing so that the boys can actually be THEIRS. :) The rest of the day we actually taught people and we ate empanadas and felt way sick at night but it was still good haha.
I did intercambios in Playa Ancha, close to the beach in Valpo, and had asado TWO TIMES. I thought I was gonna barf. It consisted of: barbequed meat, shish ka bobs, churripan (basically hot dogs but with a different type of meat), baked potatoes, salad, and empanadas. AH. then after we went to another house and they had barbequed meat for us and had potatoes as well and then gave us ice cream after! I was so nervous, but I survived thank goodness haha. But it was a good intercambio, she's brand new and super awesome and the sector was GORGEOUS. 
The rest of the weekend was good, C came to church and committed to live the word of wisdom (AHHHH) and asked us AGAIN if we can fast with him this Tuesday. I am so excited for him to get his answer. He just needs to make sure to do everything. THEN yesterday, Maria and Marcelo, the same couple that surprised me for my birthday, surprised us with an asado!! (yes, again asado hahaha but it was delicious and so cute of them! Reminded me of Petty parties without the smores haha) AND they invited C and C as well as their neighbors, C and C, that we´re teaching! YAYYYYY. Seriously I love this ward and this sector so so much. I want to be a different kind of member when I get home haha - but really!

Anyways, that was our week, Hermana Barros and I continue embarrassing ourselves and laughing 100% of the time, just trying to help these people llegar al conocimiento de la verdad (come to the knowledge of the truth)! i know that the Lord is really preparing people for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to help, we just need to notice it and take action. I love you all so so much! Have a good week!! :)

hermana hansen

18 de Septiembre Celebration at the Church

The ward mission leader at the ward party

More ward festivities

Hermana Barros at one of the parties
One of the many asados this week

Dinner with members and investigators

Dinner with members and investigators

Ready to eat!

Yummy empanadas
The ladies cooking in the kitchen

View of Valpariso
Hayley with the new missionary she was training

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