Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hayley at training last week


Soooo this week was a little crazy, but good! It's always good in the mission though, what can I say. LET´S START FROM THE BEGINNING. First off, sorry that this is a day late, but president had an emergency and had to change the zone conference from Friday to Monday soooo our p-day got changed to Tuesday. LO SIENTO MAMÁ.  

So Tuesday. Tuesday, my companion and I were eating lunch and all of the sudden her stomach starts making way weird noises, and it just so happened to be someone that talks FOREVER. But eventually we cut her off and ran to the apartment and she had the stomach flu! After leaving throwing up in the street a couple times we went back to the apartment and read the Book of Mormon because we are WAY behind. So that was good! 
The rest of the week was pretty normal, we had to do emergency exchanges (I don't know what happened, last change all of the hermanas were a dream with 0 problems and now the world is ending! I just hope I can help..) and it ended up going well!  We had the replica of leadership counsel and Hermana Barros and I KILLED IT, everyone said they felt the spirit, yeahhhhh. 

Something I loved from this counsel was the differences in answers from the lord for the brother of Jared. He asked three questions: where to go, how they were going to have light, and how they were going to have air. The air question he got an immediate, direct, and specific response. For light, the lord had him think about it and verify with him. For where to go, the lord basically said "don't worry, this is my work, I will take care of it."  We all get these answers today, we just have to have the patience and trust to be able to recognize the answers. 

Okay thennnnn SUNDAY. It was a good day, we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and bishop (literally we couldn't ask for a better bishop. he's a dream.) And the bishop said something I loved. He said that we can measure our faith based in how much time we spend thinking about our goals and working to achieve them. So awesome. Then that night, we had an appointment that had to be pushed back, but we had another appointment after. We were in the first appointment, and we were trying to decide if we should stay because we were going to be WAY late for the other (with C who we can only see once a week) or go and possibly offend the less active we were with. I chose in my mind to stay, but I got THE ugliest feeling!!! So after I just said no Hermana Barros we are OUT of here and left and afterwards she thanked me because she really wanted to stay. BUT we went and saw C and had a HUGE breakthrough. He's getting baptized this month, I know it. He even said he wants to fast! He wants to know, he just needs to act on it to get his answer, and he's about to get it. Gotta love the spirit, no? 
THEN yesterday we had THE best conference with president. We talked about faith, and about being assertive (which I am SO bad at haha yikes) and attributes of Christ. The spirit was so strong. I want to go out and change the WORLD now hahaha. This is a talk we read during it that i just loved: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2009/04/faith-in-the-lord-jesus-christ?lang=eng. It applies to everyone, not just missionaries! MORONI 10:23, my favorite scripture. 

Anyways, I love mission work. I am so glad that I know now that I have a testimony for real and who Jesus Christ is and that he really loves me and I love him. I just want to be an instrument, nada mas (nothing more). Here's to a good end to September, and looking forward to hear the prophet speak in a couple weeks, and hoping that we have success this week even though 18 de septiembre is coming! 
Hermana Hansen
Alfajores from the mission president for Zone Conference  
Mission leadership Counsel

Hayley taking notes at her meeting

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