Monday, August 25, 2014


Happy 20th Birthday, Hayley!!
20 years on earth today, CRAZY!! But Heavenly Father gave me the gift of an amazing week, so I am way happy!!! And a gorgeous day! After it rained and there was an earthquake for the last couple days, it is GORGEOUS and sunny today!! YAY CHILE.
Okay so this week I'm gonna be short again, sorry! I have a lot of people to respond to haha and sorry if my responses are way lame!! Basically this week was a lot of fun but also weird because cambios are coming and no one knows who will stay and who will go!! We think we're staying together and that our district is gonna stay the same, but President Kähnlein is known to do whatever random thing every change, so we'll see what happens!! 
But the real miracles happened this weekend. First of all, we were in our apartment building waiting for someone to pick us up to take us to stake conference in Valpo when the earthquake hit, which was still just a tremble for here in Chile hahaha but it was a 6.6!! We started out just chill and continuing our stuff but then it got louder and we just stared at each other until it stopped! But nothing even fell and obviously we're alive so we're good. 
Stake conference that night was AMAZING!! I felt the spirit so strong and everyone was crying. The stake president is amazing, and even better he's in my ward! They are WAY mission work focused in this stake - it's so awesome. But there was a video that i just loved (see below). It was an answer to prayers and the way I feel like I got my first testimony. SO GOOD. 
Then on Sunday we had stake conference but the general session, and PRESIDENT KAHNLEIN and his wife came!! We had our investigator, C, there, who is the husband of a less active member that's been listening to the missionaries for 4 years. He is so awesome and we were already planning on setting a baptismal date with him last night after the conference and everything! But president asked us if we had anyone there and asked to meet C and invited him to be baptized!!! It was so crazy. Then the conference was just spectacular, so I was way happy. OH also last Tuesday we set a baptismal date with V, one of our investigators!! (she is the daughter of a less active.) She reads the Book of Mormon to her little sister every night and prays all the time and gets all teared up when she talks about how much she wants to be baptized! The problem is that her dad isn't a member and he wont let her... we find out today if she can really get baptized next Sunday!! Pray for her!! 
Okay then after church our appointments fell through and we were bummed, but felt really impressed to talk to this guy in a huge trench coat. It made us scared at first but we both felt to contact him! So we did, and it turns out he was wearing that because he has a lot of health problems. We went to his house and met his daughter and taught him and he accepted everything and a baptismal date in 3 weeks!! AHHH. Seriously a miracle. His name is J and he is so awesome. We go back on Wednesday to help him with housework, because he gets tired really easily. Pray for us and him that he can make it in three weeks!! Then that night we saw C and PUT A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH HIM!!! AHHHHH!!! :) We've worked with him all of my time here, so that was amazing. And president called us this morning to ask us how it went because he knew we had the appointment with him. He's so great. But oh my goshhh seriously big miracle! Pray A LOT for him, because he's still a little unsure, he needs lots of support!! 
BUT YES WEEK OF MIRACLES = HAPPY HNA HANSEN. So my heavenly father gave me the best birthday present. Also I'm  about to turn 7 months in the mission, CRAZY. But yeah that's the week!! 
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I love you ALLL.
hermana hansen

This is the video that the stake president showed. Literally changed my life. i love it SO much. my favorite quote is: "spiritual light rarely comes to those who sit in the darkness waiting for someone to turn on the light."

The elders got their own piggy and named him Elder P. Money

Hayley's district

Hayley's Zone

Hermana Barros and Hermana Peggy previewing a video for an investigator

Hayley and her comp with items from her birthday package

Birthday girl pin, sash, hat and sweater plus two cute missionaries and a piggy.
The sweet notes Hayley's comp left for her this morning

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