Monday, October 6, 2014


Hayley's District acting silly

Heeeeeeeyy family!

I swear about an hour ago I had a million things to say but I forgot 100% of it, but hey that's the story of my life here on the mission hahaha. Sorry I haven't been writing a lot!!! 
We saw a lot of miracles this week! My companion is going through a really hard time, so a lot of my energy is focused on helping her for now. The sun finally came out here in Placilla/Valparaiso, so I'm in a good mood :) But it hurts my soul to see my companion sad! I really know that I am here to help the people around me, and who is right next to me 24/7? My companion. After everything she's done for me, she deserves everything. But she's awesome, and is getting through it super fast and really well. Pray for her!! 

But investigator wise, this week was really good! We found a little girl named A. Her parents are inactive, but want to reactivate, and A has been waiting for the day that her family reactivated so she can get baptized. WHAT. So basically she's getting baptized in three weeks, just pray that her parents will have the desires to go to church every week!! 
C is on vacation, so we don't have a lot of contact with him because we have such a little amount of minutes on the phones every week, but he watched conference and is reading and praying, so I know that we're going to have an amazing surprise when they get home! :) 
Our other investigators are doing well. E. S. has a baptismal date for the 19th and her husband told her:  "I feel like I need to be baptized by the proper authority, and I want to be sealed to you for the eternities, we need to be baptized in the LDS church."  I mean does it get more perfect than that?! Miracles happen every day, we just need the faith patience and diligence to see them!

Conference was amazing. I loved it so much! I wrote out 7 questions the day before, and watched as every single one of them was answered. Uchtdorf and Eyring gave AMAZING talks, and I cried when Holland talked about how beautiful the feet of President Monson were as he shuffled through airport security in slippers. I am so grateful for the apostles and prophets that we have today. They are amazing people, and I know that Jesus Christ lives and is at the head of this church. I am so grateful for the question that Joseph Smith asked and for the courage that he had to act on it and ask God. I know that revelation and miracles did not end in ancient times, and that we are more loved by our heavenly father than we can imagine. 
I am so grateful for my family, thank you for everything you have done for me. Words cannot express the love that I feel for each and every one of you, mom, dad, Dillon, and Mali! Know that I pray and think of you all daily. I cannot wait for eternity with my four favorite people in the world, and my future family! (not trunky, just grateful baha)

Until next week! Keep up the good work and follow the counsels of the prophet and apostles!
love, hermana hansen

Hayley's District in Placilla
Hayley's Zone (minus 4)

Beautiful view of Valpariso

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